Fully Automatic Inline Pressure Formers

Fully Automatic Inline


Starview’s PVE Series thermoformers are high-speed, servo driven and quick changeover machines designed for large-scale OEM and custom former applications. Designed with the user in mind, these thermoformers provide total process control and maximum flexibility. These machines use pressure and/or vacuum to produce the highest possible quality finished parts. The PVE Series thermoformers will process all thermoforming grade materials including PVC, HIPS, PET, PP, HDPE, OPS, etc.



  • Self-loading film roll holder for a simple and rapid loading
  • Film advance servomotor driven pin chain
  • Single resistance heating to optimize heat distribution
  • Forming press with two independent electric servo platens ensures that opening heights and speeds are adjustable from the HMI. Electrically movable plug or grid assist is standard
  • Stacking: finished parts can be stacked either upwards or downwards and stacking can be made into a magazine or onto a conveyor
  • Set-up: all adjustments to the machine can be set up according to user requirements using motorized actuators. All positions are stored, so the set-up procedure can be repeated quickly one a job is set initially
  • Automatic constant tension scrap winder allows changing bales of scrap on the fly
  • Cycle control through a large color HMI that allows the operator to easily adjust and record work parameters