Fully Automatic Inline Blister Sealing Machines

Blister Sealing Fully Automatic Inline


Starview’s CBS Series Automated Inline Conveyor type blister sealing machines are ideal for high volume or JIT production. Given the proper conditions these machines are capable of up to 20 cycles per minute in production. The Automated Inline Conveyor blister sealing machines are built with the capability to feed blister(s), blister card(s) and discharge finished packages when proper tooling is installed. With seven (7) open loading stations these machines are ideal for automated product loading or where multiple items are to be placed in a single package. Machines with other sealing areas and different numbers of stations are also available.



  • For high volume blister packaging where inline design is preferred
  • Optional finished package transfer mechanism offered
  • Includes automac card feeder, blister feeder & finished package unloading
  • 7 open stations for product loading or customer furnished automation
  • Extra large format 14″ x 28″ sealing area