Emplex ACS 6200 & 7200 Bag Sealers

Emplex ACS


The Emplex ACS Series delivers high speed sealing for horizontal and angled product handling applications. Multiple standard conveyor lengths, industry leading performance and flexible loading options meet the most demanding bag sealing needs. ACS Series continuous bag sealers are an ideal solution for bakery, produce, poultry, magazines, textile, paper and other products that require horizontal or angled handling.

Because your bag sealing needs are unique, ACS models are customizable with numerous standard and upgradable options. The ACS comes with a choice of 5 standard conveyor lengths, angle options, and a choice between 6200 or 7200 models. You can configure infeed direction, sealer orientation, sealing width, and pressure roller type. For applications requiring air removal, the ACS is available with vacuum/gas flush or compression belts. NEMA 4 or 4X washdown models are also available for customers requiring frequent equipment cleaning or operation in harsh environments. Other common upgrades include inkjet printers, bag top trimmers, camera systems and robotic handling. The ACS 6200 includes 5 inches (12 cm) of heat and 5 inches (12 cm) of cooling. The ACS 7200 comes with 10 inches (25.4 cm) of heat and 10 inches (25.4 cm) of cooling. Sealing processes on both models can be adjusted to accommodate variations in material, ensuring reliable seal integrity on every bag. The ACS seals any heat sealable bag and pouch up to 12 mil/300 micron in thickness (6 mil/150 micron maximum when gusseted).

Both models come standard with an industrial PC and 5.7” color touchscreen interface that simplifies setting, monitoring, and tracking crucial controls like heat, seal pressure, and speed. Settings are available in imperial or metric measurements. The easy to use touchscreen provides routine maintenance and troubleshooting data and many user-selectable preferences and management features.

Features & Benefits:

  • Modular, made-to-order user specifications
  • Industrial PC and 5.7” color touchscreen HMI
  • Tested to current ANSI/PMMI standards
  • All parts UL/CSA approved
  • Validatable seal integrity
  • 5 minute or less changeover of seal bands
  • Multilingual programming
  • Unitized frame with stainless steel casters
  • Unique V infeed rails for automatic sealing
  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • Bag counter