Eastey Manual


Eastey Manual Bundling

Eastey’s EB30M utilizes two rolls of single wound film to produce a sleeve around the package. For easy loading, both rolls of film are low, on the same side of the machine and threaded through rollers to an inverter in the seal area. For user convenience, both the upper and lower film unwind are powered.


The overall design of the bundler is extremely rugged, built for lasting durability, and simple to use. An operator pushes the product through the film into the seal area. The 30” wide hot knife seal system is pulled down manually with magnetic hold down. The seal system is self centering. Once the package has passed through the seal system, an exit conveyor transfers the package into a recommended Eastey shrink bundling tunnel to produce a very tight and secure package.


EASTEY Performance Series Manual Bundlers are expertly welded on 12 gauge steel frames and designed to handle the day to day abuse of manual sealing in most shrink wrap applications. See for yourself why EASTEY has been a leader in the shrink packaging industry for over 25 years.

Standard features

  • All-welded main frame from 12 gauge steel
  • 16” product pass through height
  • 30” wide hot knife seal system
  • Hot knife seal available with mushroom (standard), pancake, or arrow inserts
  • Stainless steel film clamps hold film in place while sealing
  • Manual pull down seal system with magnetic hold down
  • Dual locking magnet clamps apply consistent pressure across seal bar
  • Self centering seal system
  • Automatic cycle timing with adjustable dwell time
  • Analog temperature control adjustable for a variety of films
  • 17”D x 43”W stainless steel dead plate infeed
  • 39”D x 28”W powered takeaway rubber conveyor belt
  • V-grooved self centering conveyor belt
  • Product stop after seal system to hold product from being pulled back into seal head
  • Film unwind holds max film width of 30” x 14” OD
  • Powered upper and lower film unwind standard
  • Heavy duty film roll support and simple film loading
  • Custom two-part epoxy finish resists scratching
  • Heavy duty casters for transportation within plant
  • Easy to use design requires minimal training and maintenance
  • Made in the USA