DELTA 1T Fully Automatic Case Former with MXM System

Wexxar Delta 1


The flagship DELTA 1 offers continuous and ergonomic case loading with the patent pending MXM (Modular Expandable Magazine) System – unprecedented levels of availability and uptime1.


The MXM system can be continuously loaded on the fly for non-stop production. With features like a low load height and the DELTA 1’s Self-Indexing Feature, case loading is quick, effortless and forgiving, resulting in a 150% increase in case loading rate compared to a traditional horizontal magazine. Furthermore, additional modules can be added to expand the capacity of the magazine, allowing for even greater ROI and flexibility to adapt to the needs of your business. 



  • Ergonomic low load height of 16″ ensures quick and non-strenuous case loading 
  • Each case is tamped and re-centered prior to forming, ensuring every case is properly formed
  • Total of only 4 tool-less changeover points for a quick and easy size change
  • The Delta 1 has much wider case size range than the standard WF platform especially in smaller range of cases
  • Cases can be quickly and easily unloaded when required to decrease potential downtime
  • Pin & Dome System mechanically opens each case, providing ultra-reliable case opening, squaring, and forming 
  • Wexxar’s intuitive operating system including on-board machine tuning and troubleshooting, pictures illustrating location of fault when error occurs and on-machine size change guides and color-coded size change handles