Damark L-Bar


Damark L-Bar Sealers

Damark L-bar sealers create affordable polybags around products by simultaneously forming a side seal and end seal on continuous fed, center-folded film. Combined with a shrink tunnel, L-Bar Sealers provide tightly wrapped packages and bundles for a variety of large and small products. Damark provides versatile, cost-effective solutions for shrink wrapping and bagging single products, multipacks, and inserts into other packages.

Typical Applications

Damark L-Bar sealers can be configured to accommodate an infinite range of product sizes, sealing and shrinking any heat sealable film around your product with speed and precision. Stacks of paper, doors, windows, and even baked goods are all commonly sealed by our L-Bar Sealers. Printed material such as posters and paintings, glass products such as windows and windshields, and wooden products such as railings and garden lattice are easily wrapped and sealed by our machines.

Damark offers a wide range of standard and custom L-Bar Sealers to shrinkwrap nearly any product size or shape, including oversized items, such as doors, windows and furniture. All Damark L-Bar sealers provide precise adjustments for conveyor speed, dwell time, and seal temperature. Manual and semi-automatic systems provide ergonomic adjustments for simple, safe product loading and quick changeover. Automatic systems provide flexible infeeds and adjustments for integration into nearly any packaging operation. Durable Damark L-Bar Sealers produce high quality, consistent packages for years of reliable 24/7 performance.