Damark DZ edited


Damark DZ Shrink Tunnel Series

The Damark DZ Series of dual zone shrink tunnels can be used on their own or with SMC L Bar Sealers, B Series Tray Wrappers & Shrink Bundlers, INSTAWRAP Full Enclosure Shrink Wrapper, or FS Series Horizontal Shrink Wrappers.

The DZ Series are offered in three different widths: 24”, 34” or 44”. All DZ Shrink tunnels are 84” long. All DZ shrink tunnels are 12” tall, with the option of increasing the tunnel height in 4” increments.

The DZ series is supplied with your choice of the following tunnel conveyor:

  • Live Rollers for polyolefin applications.
  • Dead Rollers for polyethylene applications.
  • Polymer Mesh Belt for small or unstable product.

The DZ Series can be supplied as 220, 460, or 575 volt, 3 phase (an additional charge applies for 440 & 575 supplies). Note that stock machines are built to 220 volts, 3 phase. Variable Speed AC fan motor controls are included as standard on all models to help you fine tune your shrink.