D-955 TK

D-955 TK


The most versatile and reliable manufacturer of shrink film on the market, Cryovac has now expanded its D-955 technology platform with New D-955TK. D-955TK is the next generation providing a new no-skid, no-slip, high tack surface film.


D-955TK is a derivative of D-955 with an asymmetrical construction. One side has the slip of standard D-955 and the other side is tacky. This feature enables improved performance for hang tab, label and ink jet applications. It also can be used as a “no-skid” over wrap for products stacked on pallets in a pick-and-place operation. The tacky side provides a “clean” surface for ink-jet and print converter operations. Typical shrink film substrates are not conducive to ink adhesion but D-955TK shrink film provides a significantly more receptive surface for these applications. D-955TK shrink film provides the same benefits and features as standard Cryovac® D-955 film. It offers the same strength and performance characteristics that make D-955 the more versatile all-purpose shrink film in the industry. Other than the additional “no-skid” feature, this film is D-955. D-955TK shrink film is microwave safe and FDA Approved, which makes it an ideal material for produce applications and much more.


High Tack Surface
Optimizes hang tab and label adhesion for retail display applications.


No-skid Material
Over wrap for products stacked on pallets allows for elimination of stretch wrap in a pick-and-place operation.


Ink Adhesion
Clean surface improves adhesion for ink jet and printer converter operations.


FDA Approved Microwave Safe
Food Law Approved! Ideal for baking potatoes and other microwaveable produce.