Sealed Air’s Friendliest Cryovac Film Just Got Friendlier! 

With it’s unique soft shrink ability, tear resistance, enhanced seal and impact strength, and superior optics, the New D-940 is perfect for the smallest greeting card bundle or the largest, irregular shaped multi-pack. Designed to run at speeds from 10–90 packs per minute, with no distortion or buckling around the product, D-940 is the Easy-To-Use film in the market. Comprised of a multi-layered, electronically cross-linked polyolefin, D-940 has a low shrink tension and forgiving nature. This makes it perfect for those hard to package, softer and lighter weight products. Superior clarity and intense strength makes D-940 the multi-use film, perfect for paper products, snack foods, gift wrap and so much more. Now available in 45 and 52 gauge, single wound or centerfold, in stock or custom sizes.


EZTU (Easy-To-Use)
Ease of machinability, easy on your product, easy on sales, easier on YOU!


Improved seal, impact strength and tear resistance, for greater protection during shipping and display.


Superior optics
Clarity with low shrink energy. Products can be wrapped without buckling or distortion detracting from sales appeal.


Source Reduction
Available in 45 and 52 gauge. 15-25% material reduction