Cryovac RD202

Cryovac RD202


Toughness. Resistant to scuffs and tears. Durability and tensile strength provide product protection during distribution and in-store handling.


A Mirror Image
The unparalleled clarity of RD202 allows your product to be the hero. Ideal for those items where shoppers’ first impressions are critical. It is printable so you may be able to eliminate the need for secondary packaging.

A Secure Package
Perfect for products requiring the strongest, most reliable lap seal available. RD202 electrostatic seal allows you to reduce the film width overlap while improving overall operations, which means less down time and reduced reject rates at pack-off.



Excellent performance on all types of equipment from manuals to high-speed automatics.


The Perfect Fit
With wide sealing ranges and excellent shrink properties, both films produce a virtually distortion free, contour-hugging package even under extreme hot or cold temperatures. These “all weather” films remain pliable even at minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Improved film to film slip characteristics also mean improved pack-off. And RD202 won’t stick to polyethylene bundling films.