Cryovac CT-701

Cryovac CT-701


Cryovac CT-701 is a new high-speed shrink film based on the patent-pending Sealed Air micro-layering technology platform. This amazing shrink film is the answer for highly automated systems when speed matters. It is also great for retail display applications where merchandizing appeal is a must!


  • Superior Lap Sealing with Minimum Dwell Time
  • Performance — 50 to 60 Gauge Properties in a30 Gauge Film
  • Unsurpassed Gloss and Clarity
  • Exceptional “stiffness” for Enhanced Machinability


The Sustainable Solution

  • Thinner and Lighter Material Provides Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Source Reduction — Replacing Materials Almost Twice its Thickness
  • Lower Tunnel Temperatures
  • Longer Rolls Yield Productivity Gains
  • Fewer Rolls Result in Improved Transportation and Storage Costs