Cryovac CT-300

Cryovac CT-300


Cryovac CT-300 series general purpose shrink films are based on the patented Sealed Air micro-layering technology platform. This revolutionary shrink film provides the versatility to wrap small light weight to large heavy products, and everything in between. The extended footage provides efficiencies to the processor, and the strength of this film maintains that just-packaged retail appearance through the logistical cycle to the consumer purchase.


Available in gauges from 30 up to 150, Cryovac CT-300 series films are easy- to-use and can adapt to a wide range of equipment, often with little to no change in settings. This film also has exceptional optics, retail shelf appeal and performs as well as or better than materials up to twice the thickness.


Sealed Air’s patented micro-layering technology provides source reduction without compromising performance. Longer rolls translate to the additional environmental benefit of reduced cores, cartons, pallets and logistics, plus the production efficiency through extended up-time and reduced changeovers. Thinner films typically require less heat in the shrinking process, translating to lower electricity consumption and reduced carbon generation.


Cryovac CT-300 series of shrink films meet the requirements for SPI recycle code “4” and can be introduced into the LDPE recycle stream. They are highly desirable to downstream recycling converters and readily used in blown film and injection molding operations.


Sealed Air is proud to partner with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and its how2recycle program. Our CT-300 series of shrink films qualify for the new local store drop off category with collection points located nationwide.


General purpose shrink film- strength and sustainability for broadest array of applications!