VBoard is a simple product that solves a wide range of packaging challenges. Made by Lamination recycled paperboard into a rigged right-angle shape, VBaord provides edge protection as well as load containment, stabilization and uniform weight distribution. The variety of sizes, configurations and options available- as well as standard and custom printing- gives VBoard versatility that other products can’t match.


When it comes to the practicality and cost effectiveness of VBoard packaging protection, the applications are essentially endless. Each VBoard product has been engineered to solve a unique protective packaging challenge, and often multiple products can be used together to develop customized, cost saving solutions.

Jumbo Corners

Jumbo Corner laminated paperboard packaging provides superior edge protection to prevent product damage that can occur during shipping and handling. Its preformed 90 degree angle provides the superior strength advantages for corner protection and allows for bulky products to be easily unitized.


Jumbo Corner has a smooth surface and interior that is non abrasive to products. Its standard exterior is a white clay coat, but other finishes are available to meet your specific applications. Jumbo Corners can be treated with a variety of protective coatings that offer moisture and corrosion resistance. Color printing is available for product identification and point of sale merchandising.