Biodegradable Super 8 Loosefill

Biodegradable Super 8 Loosefill



Biodegradable Super 8 Loosefill

Biodegradable SUPER 8 loosefill is the right choice for the environment and for protecting your valuable products.

From manufacturing to disposal, Biodegradable SUPER 8 is made to provide product protection while being environmentally friendly. If not recycled, Biodegradable SUPER 8 loosefill will decompose within 9 to 60 months in the presence of microorganisms, whether it is sent to a landfill or ends up as litter in the soil.

Biodegradable SUPER 8 loosefill is also recyclable and can be reused many times. It is collected at over 1,500 locations in the US for reuse. It can be returned for recycling to locations listed in the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers (AFPR) drop-off or mail-in program.

Benefits over starch loosefill

  • Made biodegradable materials. Starch loosefill uses crops which may increase food prices and decrease food supply.
  • Biodegrades in 9-60 months in the presence of microorganisms.
  • Takes 63% less energy to produce than starch loosefill.
  • Emits 83% less greenhouse gas emissions than starch in its production.
  • Can be recycled or reused.
  • Has no attraction to rodents.
  • Environmental humidity does not affect product performance.
  • Superior interlocking secures the product and prevents it from shifting in the box.
  • 64% lighter than starch loosefill to lower shipping costs.

Benefits over crumpled or padded paper

  • 86% less energy used in its production.
  • Emits 93% less greenhouse gas emissions than paper, in its production.
  • Will biodegrade in landfills , whereas paper will not degrade as readily, if at all.
  • 64% lighter than paper to lower shipping costs.
  • Easier for packers to use – gentler on their hands 6. No spare parts or machine maintenance connected with its use.


Biodegradable SUPER 8 loosefill meets the growing need for sustainable products while providing superior performance. Biodegradable SUPER 8 will protect your products better, increase your packers’ efficiency and decrease your shipping costs. The unique figure 8 shape interlocks to securely hold your products in place during shipment resulting in less damage.