Autolabe 130 Blow-On Applicator

Autolabe 130

Automatic Blow-On Label Applicator Head

Autolabe’s Blow-On Applicator is designed for non-contact applications or where container recessed areas require accurate label placement. The Blow-On Applicator works at any angle and special rotational mounts are available. The standard label vacuum grid is 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″. Custom vacuum grids can be made to accommodate most label sizes. The Model 130 Blow-On applicator is ideal for custom applications where other labeling methods are inefficient.



The product is consistently guided to the applicator and can be moving or stopped at the point of application. The label is stripped from the web and is held on a blow grid by vacuum. When the sensor or switch detects the product, the label is blown onto the product with a blast of air.




  • Dimensions: 17″/43cm
  • Weight: 35 lbs/16kg (approx.)
  • Electric: 115VAC/60Hz/1 AMPS (max.) or 220VAC/50Hz
  • Air: 80 to 100 PSI G/3 CFM
  • Labels: Standard 4 1/2″ web width 10″ O.D. roll with 3″ core
  • Die cut with 1/8″ spacing
  • Labeling Speed: 1250″ continous web speed per minute