6800CS-XL Fulfillment Wrapper

Clamco 6800XL


6800CS-XL Fulfillment Wrapper

The 6800CS-XL Fulfillment Wrapper is a large automatic poly bagger for products that will be introduced horizontally on a conveyor. This system automatically measures the length of the product being packaged and forms a right-sized poly bag around it. Furthermore, the 6800CS-XL Fulfillment Wrapper can print and apply a shipping or product identification label directly on the bag, at the point of packaging. The 6800CS-XL Fulfillment Wrapper poly bagger is ideal for high-speed packaging of products into poly mailers as well as those that need to be shipped to a fulfillment center in clear film.

Features & Benefits

The 6800CS-XL Fulfillment Wrapper features a highly efficient all-electric sealer that combines a hot knife end seal with an adjustable seal and trim knife. The trim knife is actuated when the product moves past the cross seal. Compared to conventional automatic baggers, the 6800CS-XL can bag products of any length at high speed.

The 6800CS-XL Fulfillment Wrapper is easy to set up, operates with an intuitive program, and offers multiple operating modes for performance and convenience. This automatic bagger does not require compressed air. Equipped with a conveyor or other material handling device, the 6800CS-XL Fulfillment Wrapper makes an outstanding high production poly mailer bagging system. This CE-compliant machine is one of the most versatile automatic poly baggers on the market today.