450 Automatic Impulse Sealer

Clamco 450


The Clamco 450  Automatic Impulse Sealer makes high-quality consistent seals time after time. The 450 seals automatically to enable continuous production, sealing thermoplastic films such as polyethylene and polypropylene. When impulse sealing, the seal bar can be set to automatically close, and is heated during the sealing process. The seal bar begins to cool while remaining closed for the specified amount of time. The seal bar automatically opens to begin the sealing process again; controls can be set to the pace of the operator.


A versatile sealer, the 450 can be used in horizontal or vertical position. An adjustable product shelf is included for packaging ease and a foot switch for manual control to initialize electromagnetic sealing. Controls include Re-Cycle Time to pace the operator, Congealing (Dwell) Time for cool down time under pressure, and Sealing Time which is adjustable for bag thickness and material.


Features & Benefits:

  • Automatic recycling timer sets time for seal bars to remain open
  • Variable dwell control allows flexibility to use a range of films
  • Manual mode with foot pedal control
  • Automatic sealing cycle for pace operations
  • Uniform seal pressure for consistent seals
  • Operates in horizontal or vertical position