3M-MATIC S867 L-Clip Applicator

3M S867 L-Clip


3M-Matic™ L-Clip Applicator S867 applies 4.5-inch L-clips of Scotch® Filament or Reinforced Strapping Tape (RST) at up to 50 clips/min.



  • Applies 4.5-inch L-Clips to seal non-RSC style boxes
  • No adjustment for box size required
  • Utilizes filament reinforced tape and transparent reinforced strapping tape (RST)
  • Food and beverage, sporting goods and general industrial
  • Case sealing, box sealing
  • Pneumatic operation: Supports 12 mm to 36 mm tape width capacities. Machine dimensions: 31 inches long x 11 inches wide x 29 inches high