3M-Matic 800AF Fully Automatic Case Sealer

3M-Matic 800AF


3M-MaticTM Automatic Adjustable Case Sealer 800af/800af3 with 3MTM AccuGlideTM 3 Taping Head is an automatic flap folding machine that seals both the top and bottom of a box without an operator. The 3M-MaticTM Automatic Adjustable Case Sealer 800af/800af3 folds the top flaps prior to sealing with either 48mm or 72mm side tape.



  • Energy Savings Option automatically shuts sealer off if no box is present

  • Integrated box gate (indexer) with adjustable pressure and height
    to separate boxes from flooded infeed conveyor

  • One centrally-located emergency stop on each side for quick and easy access

  • Safety-interlocked hinged access doors with steel screen for viewing case flow

  • Consistent durable tape that is manually adjusted for a wide range of box sizes

  • Rugged construction 16-gauge with melded frame

  • Upper flap folding eliminates need for an operator