Wexxar WF2H

Wexxar WF2H Auto Hot Glue Case Former

RESOURCES Wexxar’s WF2H automatic case former with hot glue closure provides positive case opening using the renowned “Pin and Dome” technology, mechanically capturing and positively squaring the case regardless of corrugate

Wexxar WFT

Wexxar WF2T Auto Case Former

RESOURCES Wexxar’s Model WF2T case formers are versatile and industry-proven machines with unique mechanical case forming and bottom flap folding technology. Offering maximum flexibility and performance within a broad range of

Wexxar WF30H

Wexxar WF30H Auto Hot Glue Case Former

RESOURCES The WF30H fully automatic case former introduces a new level of refinement and performance and raises the standards for ease of use, case forming quality and customer value. The WF30H

Wexxar WF30

Wexxar WF30 Auto-Adjust Case Former

RESOURCES The WF30 case former with the new Auto Adjust option automates some of the major size adjustments required on case forming machines during case size changes. The Auto Adjust greatly