Wexxar Bel Ipack TF330

TF330GH Tray Former

The IPAK TF330GH fully automatic tray former is designed specifically for the agricultural industry and is capable of running a variety of common footprint agricultural trays including MUB, 4-corner trays

Wexxar Delta 1

DELTA 1T Fully Automatic Case Former with MXM System

RESOURCES The flagship DELTA 1 offers continuous and ergonomic case loading with the patent pending MXM (Modular Expandable Magazine) System – unprecedented levels of availability and uptime1. The MXM system can be

Wexxar WF30 Automatic

Wexxar WF 30

RESOURCES WF30 Automatic Case Former / Case Erector Features & Specs:Speed: Maximum 30 cases per minute (CPM)Size maximum: L: 24 x W: 17 x D: 16.5 Maximum E = 25Size minimum

Wexxar Bel 505

Wexxar Bel 505

RESOURCES https://youtu.be/y8H4-tCY4so The BEL 505 line of semi-automatic case forming and packing stations are a compact and ergonomic packaging solution ideal for replacing manual hand packing. The machine dynamically folds the bottom

Wexxar 505XL

Wexxar Bel 505XL

RESOURCES https://youtu.be/y8H4-tCY4so The BEL 505XL is an oversized semi-automatic case erector and pack station. The design of the BEL 505XL is based upon the highly successful BEL 505 semi-automatic case former, which

Wexxar Bel 505G3

RESOURCES The BEL 505G3 is a multi-station, semi-automatic case former / case erector and pack station. The new generation BEL 505G3 case erecting machine embodies all the well-known ergonomic innovations of

Wexxar WF20H

Wexxar WF20H Auto Hot Glue Case Former

RESOURCES The WF20H fully automatic case former introduces a new level of refinement and performance and raises the standards for ease of use, case forming quality and customer value. The WF20H

IPAK TF-200 Auto Tray Former

RESOURCES The IPAK TF200 automatic tray former is can form a wide range of tray styles including four-corner trays, one and two piece telescoping trays, and variations of triangulated corner and


RESOURCES The IPAK 100 Series of fully automatic tray formers are a compact, higher performance series of machines, specialized in running 4 corner trays or trays with a 1 piece lid.

Wexxar Bel 507 Semi Auto Case Former

RESOURCES https://youtu.be/4brnq6y3hOI The BEL 507XL is an oversized semi-automatic tilting case former / case erector and pack station. It is designed to provide an ergonomically effective solution to the problem of erecting

Wexxar WF20

Wexxar WF20 Fully Automatic Case Former

RESOURCES The WF20 is a fully automatic case former / case erector with tape head and toolless changeover. Wexxar’s Pin & Dome machines have, for the last 25 years, become the

Wexxar WF 10 Auto Case Former

RESOURCES The WF10 Fully Automatic Case Former / Case Erector showcases a revolutionary omni-handed feature which allows case packers to form right-handed and left-handed cases on the same machine without the