Plastic B Series

Plastic Strapping Tools- B Series

RESOURCES The Polychem B series battery operated friction weld tools are “state-of-the-art”, ergonomically designed. The new B Series are shorter in length, lighter in weight, and better balanced for easier operation.


A380 Strapping Tool

RESOURCES The A380 is a strapping tool used in the timber and construction material industry. The tool is characterized in particular by its reliability in shift work and with continous operation


A385 High-Performance Strapping Tool

RESOURCES The high performance strapping tool with MicroLock sealless joint has been designed for stationary applications. It tensions, seals and separates the strap automatically by actuating the appropriate keypad. It is



RESOURCES The P350 Pneumatic friction sealing tool is ideally suited for heavy industrial strapping applications and is particularly suitable for continuous operation under the most demanding conditions. The P350 has been


482 Pneumatic Strapping Tool

RESOURCES The 482 is a pneumatic combination pusher type strapping tool for mobile or stationary operations. FeaturesIdeal high performance strapping tool for metal products i.e. coils, loads of bars, pipes, bundles, rods


P483 Strapping Tool

RESOURCES The P483 strapping tool has been designed for use in demanding and rough applications in the steel processing and nonferrous industries. Its double notch upcut seal joint provides high safety


A452 / A461 Pneumatic Sealer and Tensioner

RESOURCES The A452 pneumatic pusher type tensioner and A461 pneumatic sealer are designed to be used together for use on round or irregular shaped objects. These tools are widely used in


SA11-D6 / SA11-D10 Sealers

RESOURCES Samuel SA11 sealers have been designed for a broad range of common strapping applications. These sturdy sealers are built with hardened tool steel, to provide you with a lifetime of


A301 Manual Steel Tensioner

RESOURCES The A301 manual steel tensioner is designed for use with heavy at packages like steel, metals and forest products. This rugged and reliable tool can handle strap thickness up to



RESOURCES Both models are handy light weight tensioning and sealing tools to strap flat packages (i.e. pallets, bales, crates und various packages) using plastic strap- ping and metals seals. Reliable, robust


A338 Steel Strapping Tool

RESOURCES An ideal steel strapping tool for horizontal and vertical applications in demanding environments. This tool is also available with a handle for horizontal applications. The A338 is an extremely robust