FOM Series

Fully Automatic Vacuum Formers

RESOURCES Starview’s FOM Series vacuum forming machines are fully automatic, roll-fed or sheet-fed and include radiant heater panel oven for maximum heat penetration, automatic out-feed, and a finished sheet guillotine cut-off

Fully Automatic Inline

Fully Automatic Inline Pressure Formers

RESOURCES Starview’s PVE Series thermoformers are high-speed, servo driven and quick changeover machines designed for large-scale OEM and custom former applications. Designed with the user in mind, these thermoformers provide total

IF Series

Fully Automatic Inline Vacuum Formers

RESOURCES’s IF Series automatic vacuum formers are designed for medium to higher run thermoforming applications. The IF machines will form most common materials such as PVC, PET, Polystyrene, ABS, etc.

SAT Series

Semi-Automatic Vacuum Formers

RESOURCES Starview’s SAT Series vacuum forming machines utilize roll-fed or sheet-fed film and include a radiant heater panel oven for uniform heating and maximum heat penetration. Cooling blowers to remove heat