Wexxar Bel 151 Case Sealer

BEL 151 Adjustable Semi-Automatic Case Sealer

RESOURCES The BEL 151 is a semi-automatic, pressure sensitive, bottom only tape case sealer. It is a versatile and compact machine that can seal a wide range of case sizes. When

Loveshaw LD7

Little David LD 7

RESOURCES An economical top and bottom case taper with a small footprint for sealing large runs of uniform cases, or for those applications that require infrequent case size changes. Features:1 Year all

Loveshaw LD-XSS

Little David LD-XSS

RESOURCES https://youtu.be/TyO1bfOjXtU This revolutionary case sealer was designed to excel in the most sanitary sensitive industrial environments. The LD-Xss was created to meet an increasing demand for a case sealer that could

Loveshaw LD3SB1

Little David LD-3SB Uniform Side Belt Case Sealer

RESOURCES Loveshaw “Little David” Ld-3Sb Uniform Side Belt Case Sealer The Little David Ld-3Sb Uniform Side Belt Case Sealer Is Perfect For High Profile, Light Weight, Unstable, Narrow Boxes Or Bottoms

Loveshaw SP304

Little David SP-304

RESOURCES https://youtu.be/P5QyroiWikc This extended side belt driven tape sealer propels cartons through a folding section, then folds all major flaps and one upper flap. Repetitive motion is reduced and productivity is increased

Loveshaw LD24

Little David LD-24

RESOURCES https://youtu.be/aEHIRgbLbHUThe Little David LD-24 is the latest in a series of industrial grade high performance case sealers. Designed to meet the case sealing demands of customers with high volume runs

Loveshaw LDX RTB

Little David LDX-RTB

RESOURCES https://youtu.be/cHvTEdJYMS0?si=vrncQYfEkcD8cTNzLoveshaw’s Little David Products Division is pleased to announce the release of the LDX-RTB – an innovative random semi-automatic case sealer designed to process both void-filled and over-stuffed cases at

3M Case Sealer 7000R3

3M-Matic 7000R3 Case Sealer

RESOURCES 3M-Matic™ Case Sealer 7000r3 is a random size case sealer that automatically adjusts for case height and width and is capable of sealing 19 boxes per minute, using tape widths

3M Case Sealer 200A

3M-Matic Semi-Automatic Case Sealer, Model 200A

RESOURCES 3M-Matic™ Case Sealer 200a With 3M™ AccuGlide™ 3 Taping Head is an adjustable bottom belt drive case sealer to dependably seal uniform size cases. Features:Rugged construction with 16-gauge welded steel frame

3M-Matic 7000a Pro Case Sealer

RESOURCES This 3M-Matic 7000A Pro uniform case sealer features an easily accessible side handle and ruler to make fast height adjustments when switching between box sizes. The dual-extruded columns allow for

3M 800a

3M-Matic 800A Semi-Automatic Case Sealer

RESOURCES 3M-Matic™ Case Sealer 800a with 3M™ AccuGlide™ 3 Taping Head is an adjustable side belt drive case sealer. Seals up to 40 cases per minute, using tape widths from 36

3M 800R3

3M-Matic 800R3 Semi-Automatic Case Sealer

RESOURCES 3M-MaticTM Case Sealer 800r/800r3 with 3MTM AccuGlideTM 3 Taping Head is a semi-automatic random case sealer that automatically adjusts for case height and width. Top and bottom seal at rates