Paragon Contrast Machine Film

Paragon contrast machine stretch film Contrast is a high slip stretch film that enables load-to-load contact with no film breakage. Exceptional load containment and stability Incomparable puncture resistance Lower gauge with

PET bottle

PET Bottle Film

Paragon’s PET bottle film is a five-layer product manufactured using enhanced polyethylene resin and specifically designed for use in the container industry. PET film is ideal for wrapping empty containers,


Paragon Nexus Machine Film

RESOURCES An evolutionary film that is the next level of performance. Nexus is at the core of all the machine film requirements. This film offers exceptional load containment and control, incomparable

Ultimate Force

Paragon Ultimate Force Machine Film

RESOURCES Ultimate Force Machine Film offers proven performance for high end stretch wrapping applications. If you need optimum performance regardless of gauge, Ultimate Force film is the right choice for your

Global Force

Global Machine Film

RESOURCES Global Force is a “globally” applicable film that helps support our philosophy that market saturation is a rule and not the exception. Global Force is “the” workhorse machine film with

Cold Force

Cold Force Machine Stretch Film

RESOURCES Cold Force is the right stretch film if you need guaranteed wipe down of the film tail. This film is great in extreme cold or dusty environments where film tails

Torque hand film

Paragon Torque Pre-Stretch Film

RESOURCES Half the film, half the effort – and twice the force. Torque Hand is the answer for every hand application. Designed as a high performance and environmentally sensitive hand film

Spartan Hand Film

Paragon Spartan Hand Film

RESOURCES Spartan was designed as a high performance and environmentally sensitive stretch film for maximum unitization. Because of Spartan’s ultra thin gauge, both packaging material consumption and material costs are reduced.