Clamco Audion Super Poly

Audion Super Poly

RESOURCES Audion Super Poly is a handheld impulse sealer designed to be used at the location of the item that needs to be sealed. The Super Poly is equipped with

Clamco 210 Impulse Bag Sealer

Clamco 210 Impulse Bag Sealer

RESOURCES The Clamco 210 is an economical impulse bag sealing solution for a low demand environment. Ideal for: shipping departments, offices, mail rooms, retail counters, parts departments, low volume production lines, laboratories,

Clamco W-400

W400 Series: Clamco Impulse Sealers

RESOURCES Model  W400 Series is a heavy duty industrial tabletop impulse sealer providing 1/8″ seal width up to two, ten mil thicknesses. The unit is made in two different seal bar

Clamco Bench Mounted Bag Sealer

Clamco Bench Mounted Sealers

RESOURCES For packaging food, coffee, retail & industrial products.   Choose the dependable Clamco Bench Mounted Constant Heat Sealer and select a jaw to match your packaging requirements. Available in 12″ and 24″