Laminations SUREContainer

RESOURCES A New, Ergonomic Alternative to Wood, Bulk, and Gaylord Containers SUREContainer is an innovative packaging and storage solution that provides a more ergonomical and safer way for workers to efficiently load

Laminations SURECrate

RESOURCES The SURECrate Wood Crate Replacement from Laminations is a comprehensive, turnkey alternative that offers a lower total cost solution to packaging and shipping large or irregular-shaped products. It's ideal for

Paragon Contrast Machine Film

Paragon contrast machine stretch film Contrast is a high slip stretch film that enables load-to-load contact with no film breakage. Exceptional load containment and stability Incomparable puncture resistance Lower gauge with

microfilm xfs

Microfoam XFS

  An innovative material that is inherently lightweight. At roughly half the density of comparable polyethylene, Microfoam XFS PP foam is much easier to handle and more cost effective to ship.Renowned

Sigma Endure

RESOURCES Sigma Endure is a blown general-purpose hand film aimed at supporting a circular economy. This hand film has: 25% PCR (Post Consumer Recyclate) Up to 50% other Recycled Materials Up

Return-Ready Paper Mailer

RESOURCES The next generation of paper mailers New return-ready paper fiber mailers from SEALED AIR are designed for two-way shipping with a self-seal return strip. Its heavy-duty laminated 2-ply kraft provides superior

Sigma Vanish

RESOURCES Sigma Vanish is a revolutionary stretch film that is 100% recyclable and bio-assimilates. This film offers the same strength as other high performing Sigma stretch films, while offering sustainability that

3M Reinforced Strapping

Scotch® Reinforced Strapping Tape 863

RESOURCES Our Scotch® Reinforced Strapping Tape 863 is a high strength, reinforced tape specifically formulated for bundling and strapping. The reinforced polypropylene film backing features a pressure-sensitive synthetic rubber adhesive that


RG22 263# Pet Specialty Filament Tape

RESOURCES A clear, glass reinforced, polyester backed strapping tape with pressure-sensitive natural rubber/resin adhesive. High tensile strength, high adhesion and medium impact strength. Stain resistant and will not impart an odor


RA6 Bi-Directional Paper Premium Filament Tape

RESOURCES An industrial, fiberglass reinforced, smooth crepe paper backing with pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive. Medium strength and high adhesion. Manufactured to perform under a wide range of humidity and temperature conditions.

IPG 1100

1100 3 Mil Premium Hot Melt CST 48MMX100MM

RESOURCES Premium BOPP film backed carton sealing tape, specially formulated with Corru-GripTM pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive technology. For optimal closure of recycled corrugate boxes, and in application environments down to

IPG 160

160 Medium Duty Paper WAT 70MMX600′

RESOURCES Kraft carton sealing tape manufactured with water-activated adhesive available in Natural and White. Repulpable and recyclable. TYPICAL APPLICATIONSFor inner carton sealing or for lightweight cartons that will be shipped in unitized