Stretch Max

Malpack- Stretch Max

Stretch Max is a cast machine film designed for a variety of load applications. This film gives you the maximum flexibility with high pre-stretch levels, excellent puncture, and high containment


Malpack- ProMax

ProMax machine film is a high performance film that delivers exceptional clarity, enhanced puncture resistance, and excellent force-to-load all in a cost effective package. Our convenient packaging and roll configurations

Platinum Max Machine Film

Malpack- Platinum Max

Platinum Max Machine Film is an ultra performing stretch film with unmatched puncture resistance. This proven high performing product is available in lower gauges with exceptional holding force on pallet

Axis stretch film

Malpack- Axis Machine Film

Malpack’s Axis Machine Film is the best defense for your products protection. Axis is able to offer the thinnest, strongest and most reliable film for your shipping needs. Axis is

VMAXX hand film

Malpack VMAXX Pre-Stretch Hand Film

V-Maxx Pre-Stretch Hand film utilizes our proprietary process to produce an ultra-thin hand film that will outperform standard gauge films in puncture and tear resistance while maintaining ultra thin gauges.