IPG 758

758 Utility Grade Reinforced Paper

RESOURCES A natural colored crepe paper backed tape, laminated to uni-directional fiberglass filaments, and coated with “hot melt” applied synthetic rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. The paper backing can be easily marked with


PT7 14 Day UV Resistant Specialty Paper Masking Tape

RESOURCES Conformable crepe paper masking tape with acrylic adhesive. Secure adhesion and clean removal from most surfaces. Resistant to U.V. (up to 14 days), humidity and paint bleed-through. TYPICAL APPLICATIONSFor interior masking

IPG 515

515 Utility Paper Masking Tape

RESOURCES A beige, semi-bleached crepe paper coated with a pressure-sensitive natural/synthetic rubber adhesive. Conformable and flexible. TYPICAL APPLICATIONSDesigned primarily for general purpose bundling, protecting, and various industrial applications, interior paint masking, silk