Recycled Bubble Wrap

RESOURCES Introducing Bubble Wrap brand Recycled Grade material from Sealed Air, the most effective air cellular cushioning available. Our new Recycled Bubble Wrap brand material contains a minimum of 50% pre-consumer

Astro-Bubble Green

Astro-Bubble Green

Astro-Bubble GreenAstro-Bubble Green contains up to 40% recycled content to provide high-quality, durable protective air cushioning for surface cover, packing fragile items, and void-fill. Astro-Bubble Green air cushioning bubble is


EZ Bubble-Out Bags

RESOURCES Pregis’ new EZ Bubble-Out bags-on-a-roll dispense cushioned bags at the point-of-use for increased productivity — and increased savings. EZ Bubble-Out Bag FeaturesBags on a perforated roll makes packaging quicker and easier than