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Polyester’s unique qualities make it one of the best strapping materials to use for securing any type of palletized or unitized load. Depending on the size of steel strapping currently being used, polyester strapping can provide up to a 25% savings in strapping costs. Polyester can eliminate the need for metal seals in certain applications, which provides additional savings and reduces product damage that might occur through the use of other packaging alternatives.

Steel Strapping


Steel strapping is used extensively for reinforcing shipments and for unitizing and bundling materials to permit more efficient handling. There are two basic types of steel strapping: Regular Duty and High Tensile. Each type offers specific advantages depending on your application. Your ACME representative is a skilled packaging professional who can help you select the strapping and equipment, which will provide the best results at the lowest cost.


Regular Duty
Regular Duty steel strapping is manufactured from cold rolled steel under -rigid control. Precise uniformity in width, gauge control and finish ensures trouble free operation with both manual and pneumatic tools.


High Tensile
High Tensile strapping is manufactured from cold rolled steel and heat-treated to provide high tensile strength and ductility. High tensile strength affords extra protection and shock resistance under demanding strapping conditions.


Standard finish is painted and waxed.

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Polypropylene strap is an economical packaging solution designed for light to medium duty unitizing, palletizing and bundling. Acme’s polypropylene is embossed to achieve efficient seal joints and superior split resistance.


This product offers elongation recovery properties to ensure secure packaging for shipping and storage. Offered in a wide variety of sizes and gauges, Acme’s polypropylene strapping will perform consistently with all types of seal friction, heat in power strapping equipment and tooling.

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  • High Retained Tension
  • High Joint Efficiencies
  • Consistent High Performance Product
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership


A Variety of Applications

  • Palletized Loads
  • Corrugated
  • Polyester Film
  • Signature Paper Logs
  • Baling
  • Appliances
  • Lumber/Siding
  • Steel Coils
  • Steel Cut to Length/ Sheets Lumber
  • Hardwoods
  • Panel Products: OSB, Plywood, Particle Board, Siding
  • Engineered Wood
  • Decking
  • Flat Glass
  • PVC Pipe
  • Aluminum
  • Steel (Wiring, Tubing, Coils)
Embossed Strapping Tape

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Constructed of high-strength polyester with superior elastic properties, Acme’s Avistrap strapping provides dependable performance for light-to-heavy duty bundling, tying and unitizing applications. Avistrap features excellent elongation and recovery characteristics to stay tight and absorb impact shocks. It’s safer to handle than steel strapping and will not damage forklift tires. Avistrap polyester strapping won’t rust or stain your products when exposed to the elements.


Regular duty non-woven polyester
ideal for securing lightweight packages. For use when hand tensioning, tying or using buckle joints.


Regular duty woven polyester
ideal for securing scrap bundles and a variety of miscellaneous loads. For use with manual tensioning tool.


Heavy duty woven polyester
ideal for heavy lumber and metals. For use on loads where high break strength and abrasion resistance are critical.

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Types of Seal Joints
Another way to seal the ends of strapping is to press, or “crimp” undulations into the seal. The strength of the crimp joint comes from the deformed seal creating high frictional forces.


Types of Seals



Open seals are snapped onto overlapping strap ends either before or after tensioning, to maintain strap alignment when applied prior to tensioning.



Closed seals are threaded onto the overlapping strap ends prior to tensioning, to maintain strap alignment.

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  • Machine/Hand Grade
  • Polyester Strapping
  • For Heavy Duty Use
  • Minimal Elongation
  • Weather Resistant
  • Non-corrosive
  • Safer than steel

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FEATURES for FLEXBAND Machine Grade Strapping

  • For light, medium and some heavy duty use.
  • For a variety of applications – bundling, palletizing and unitizing.
  • Guaranteed to work in all manufacturers’ equipment.
  • Economical – reliable – smooth running.
  • Absorbs shock better than other materials.
  • For boxing food products, produce, fish, chicken, meat, etc.
  • The standard for bundling corrugated boxes, newspapers, magazines and cut paper.
  • Polypropylene
  • Split Resistant
  • Flexible- Low Cost
  • Variety of Break Strengths



  • Polypropylene
  • Split Resistant
  • Flexible—low Cost
  • Variety of break Strengths



  • For Easy Hand bundling bonded and Woven
  • Hand Tie or Use Steel or Plastic buckles core Size 3″ x 5-1/2″
  • For building supplies, roofing, metal trusses, lumber, pvc pipe, etc.
  • Excellent for steel replacement
  • High tensile,11% elongation, and excellent recovery properties
  • One tool tensioning
  • All weather use
  • Safe to handle, easy to dispose
  • non-abrasive finish
  • Will not stain or damage product
  • bold printing available
  • coresize 3″x5-1/2″
cord strapping

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  • Less expensive vs. steel strapping
  • Safer to use, handle, and dispose
  • Up to 4X lighter, easier to carry
  • Clean, will not stain or rust
  • Elastic memory keeps loads tight




BONDED CORD STRAPPING (non-woven) Bonded cord strap is used as a safe, inexpensive product for bundling and securing a wide variety of items across a multitude of industries. From agriculture, landscaping, automotive, printing, light building products, to baling corrugated and plastic for recycling, bonded cord strapping is your best solution.


WOVEN CORD STRAPPING Woven strapping provides additional bi-directional strength and split resistance often required in harsher environments. General purpose woven cord strapping is cost effective and ideal for securing and bundling light to medium/ heavy loads for most industries. Heavy duty and extra heavy duty cord strapping are super tough-high tensile products designed for application to replace more expensive steel strapping. These products are used primarily for securing heavy and extra heavy loads in the bundling, metal and plastics industries as well as for rail car load securement.


COMPOSITE CORD STRAPPING Composite strapping is made from polyester fibers coated with clear polypropylene. The clear polypropylene coating provides added water resistance protection and improved handling properties when threading the strapping under pallets and through metal buckles.


  • Non-abrasive, non-marring
  • Requires one tool to tension
  • Can be hand tied in some cases
  • Edge guards may not be needed
  • AAR approved sizes available


Phosphate finished buckles are for bonded and all woven cord to achieve proper joint strength.


Galvanized finished buckles are for Composite cord to achieve proper joint strength.

These handy cord strapping kits were designed especially for multi-purpose eld securing applications. They are lightweight, portable, and super convenient for securing and bundling in just about any location. They come as a complete system with a coil of strapping and a sufcient supply of metal buckles. There’s everything you need to get the job done right without the use of expensive tools. The kits are offered in two versions consisting of the following:



1coil 1⁄2″x1500’white woven cord 650 lb test
200 – 1⁄2″ metal buckles Weight 9lbs



1coil 3⁄4″x1000’white woven cord 950 lb test
150 – 3⁄4″ metal buckles Weight 12lbs


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  • Polyester and Polypropylene strap
  • Machine and hand grades
  • Variety of widths, break strengths, and colors
  • Weather resistant
  • Lower cost alternative to steel strapping
Poly Strap

Strapping Tools



Acme offers sealless manual combination tools that eliminate the need for metal seals. These tools are designed for high steel strapping seal joint efficiency, and lower total packaging costs. Using a punch-and-die to cut an interlocking wave shape pattern into the overlapping straps creates sealless joints.



  • The economical alternative to tools with metal seals
  • For general to medium duty applications
  • Easy to set the step tension and welding tome
  • The battery charge level is displayed
  • Robust, for applications under aggressive conditions



Acme includes four types of manual tensioners; Push, Rotary, Rotary Push and Drum. Each tool is designed for safety and ergonomic function. This means that when you tension steel strapping, you get the desired result that fits the need of your application. Tool selection is dependent on your specific application.




  • Loads in the upright position
  • New straptrollwrs needs no adjustment for steel or plastic strap
  • Adjustable clamp allows damaged cores to be used
  • Vertical loading design
  • Open discs prevent strap pull-downs and allow crushed or damage coils to be used
  • Easy payout straptroller – No adjustment needed
  • Wide frame – More stable, less tip-over
  • Large tool tray accommodates battery tools
  • Specifications – Oscillated wound steel and plastic strapping with 16” ID cores, face width 3” and 6”

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Samuel Strapping Systems is proud to introduce the P327 hand held battery operated tool. This robust tool provides unparalleled performance with tension ratings not previously attainable. Coupled with exceptional industry leading speed the P327 is the perfect hand held tool to apply our and 3⁄4” plastic strapping. With the latest Lithium ion battery technology you can expect your tool to last longer in the field and recharge in a fraction of the time compared to traditional battery operated tools.



  • All new lithium ion battery technology featuring user friendly charge indicator
  • New reinforced 18V motor Easy strap threading
  • Adjustable sealing time for highsealingef ciency
  • Suitable for polypropylene polyester, plain and embossed strapping
  • Up to 450 strap cycles per battery load
  • Easy tension adjustment, to ensure the right strap tension for safe operation



Samuel Strapping Systems is proud to introduce the P330 hand held battery operated tool. This robust tool provides unparalleled performance with tension ratings not previously attainable. Coupled with exceptional industry leading speed the P330 is the perfect hand held tool to apply our heavy 3⁄4” and 1” polyester strap. With the latest Lithium ion battery technology you can expect your tool to last longer in the field recharge in a fraction of the time compared to traditional battery operated tools.



  • All new lithium ion battery technology featuring user friendly charge indicator
  • Extended working range Easy strap threading
  • Adjustable sealing time for high sealing efficency
  • Suitable for polypropylene polyester, plain and embos strapping
  • Tension speeds as low as 2.8”/second (70mm/second)
  • Easy tension adjustment, to ensure the right strap tension for safe operation
  • The perfect hand held tool for applying 3⁄4” and 1” heavy polyester strap from Samuel Strapping Systems.
  • Used to strap assorted Sheet
  • Metal (ferrous and non ferrous) · Plate Glass, Coiled Metal and Wire
  • And much more



An ideal steel strapping tool for horizontal and vertical applications in demanding environments. This tool is also available with a handle for horizontal applications. The A338 is an extremely robust tool that is suitable for applications in the steel, steel processing and non-ferrous metal industries.



  • The special tensioning gear-system allows a high strap tension of up to 1240 lbs with a limited amount of tensioning effort of only 54 lbs
  • Handy sealless combination tool to strap flat packages (ie. pallets, bales, crates, cases, various packages)
  • Permits a very easy and efficient operation and outperforms other strapping tools by its ruggedness and its high reliability
  • The sealless joint reduces the overall strapping costs by approx. 10% through the elimination of the seals

P403/ P404


Both models are handy light weight tensioning and sealing tools to strap flat packages (i.e. pallets, bales, crates und various packages) using plastic strap- ping and metals seals. Reliable, robust and service-friendly tools also suit- able for non-stationary applications. Thanks to the windless tensioning system very high strap tension can be achieved. Special serrated seals and the pa- tented sealing force balance system guarantee a very high seal joint efficiency. The seal joint is made in no time by operating the sealing handle until it hits the stop. A separate handle, consisting of a grip ball and a bolt are available as option for horizontal applications.



  • Heavy Duty
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Economical
  • Low Maintenance
  • Strapping Made Easy –Manual strapping of packages such as boxes, pallets, bales and crates using plastic strap requires an efficient tool. The tool has to be light in weight, rugged and easy to use. High strap tension capabilities and a secure seal joint are important. With the new Model P403 & P404 all these criteria are fully met.
  • Operation –A metal seal is inserted into the tool and is locked into place. The operator then threads the strap through the tool and seal. The slotted tension drum and tension handle allows for a very high tension capability. The sealing lever provides easy effort sealing. The tool is designed to operate easily, on the top or on the side of the package.
  • Seal Joint –The inside of the metal seal is provided with a unique surface and when sealing an additional embossing of the seal increases the breaking efficiency of the strapping joint. Your package is securely strapped and safe during shipment.
  • Polypropylene and Polyester Straps –The Model P403 is suitable for Polypropylene (PP) and Polyester (PET) strap in widths of 1/2” x .015 – .035 and the model P404 is suitable for sizes 5/8” x .015 – 0.35. With both types of straps excellent results with regard to strap tension and seal joint strength are achieved.



The A301 manual steel tensioner is designed for use with heavy at packages like steel, metals and forest products. This rugged and reliable tool can handle strap thickness up to .040” (1.00 mm) for heavy duty applications. The feed-wheel tensioning system allows unlimited strap take up.


  • The tool has been designed for flat packages and objects
  • Feed wheel tensioning system allows unlimited strap take up
  • Tight strap tension without any tension loss
  • Long tensioning handle permits high effortless strap tension
  • The strap guide prevents the strap from getting out of line during tensioning


  • The tool has been designed for flat packages and objects
  • The feed- wheel tensioning system allows unlimited strap take-up
  • Tight strap tension without any tension loss
  • The long tensioning handle permits high and effortless strap tension
  • The strap guide prevents the strap from getting out of line during tensioning

SA11-D6 / SA11-D10 SEALERS



  • Hardened tool steel parts for long wear
  • Double up-notch seal for high joint efficiency
  • Compatible with feed wheel type tensioners
  • Easy replacement of wearing parts
  • Ideal for regular shaped packages
  • Available for 3/4”and11/4” strapping
  • Samuel quality built into every unit



Samuel SA11 sealers have been designed for a broad range of common strapping applications. These sturdy sealers are built with hardened tool steel, to provide you with a lifetime of reliable use under demanding conditions. The SA11 is available in two models which can handle standard and high tensile strapping in gauges of 3/4” and 11/4”. Used in combination with a standard feedwheel type tensioner, the SA Series sealer is designed to crimp an open flange seal in a double up-notch configuration.



The A452 pneumatic pusher type tensioner and A461 pneumatic sealer are designed to be used together for use on round or irregular shaped objects. These tools are widely used in the metals industry for strapping loads of pipe, beams, steel coils and other large and difficult to strap objects. The A452 tensioner can provide the extremely high tension required for heavy loads of metal, with a maximum tension of 1900 lbs (8500 N). The A461 sealer uses a seal with a double notch upcut seal joint for maximum safety in a one stroke operation.




  • Free wheeling system retains tension after tensioning has been completed
  • For safety, the strap tension can be released at any time with the safety button
  • Silent operation and high tensioning speed
  • Light tool is ideal for non stationary applications


  • Sealer can be operated with one hand only
  • Seal safety mechanism prevents poor seal joint as a result of faulty operation of the tool
  • Too lis supplied with the handle on a 90 degree angle to the strap or with the handle parrallel to the strap



The 483 strapping tool has been designed for use in demanding and rough applications in the steel processing and nonferrous industries. Its double notch upcut seal joint provides high safety and is ideal for round, curved and irregularly shaped objects.



  • Themo strugged pusher type strapping tool of its kind for continuous and shift operations demanding a high working reliability
  • High performance machine with an outstanding record of performance in the steel and non-ferrous industries.
  • Inserting of the strap into the tool is easy since the feed wheel is lifted pneumatically and no operator effort is required.
  • Four different suspension brackets are available allowing the tool to be mounted in any possible suspension position.



The 482 is a pneumatic combination pusher type strapping tool for mobile or stationary operations.



  • Ideal high performance strapping tool for metal products i.e. coils, loads of bars, pipes, bundles, rods and curved or irregularly shaped packages.
  • The perfect double notch upcut joint is accomplished in a single operation.
  • The low weight of the tool allows a mobile operation without any suspension system.


This pneumatic combination pusher type strapping tool is perfect for mobile or stationary operations in the steel and non-ferrous industries. Its small base plate, and low weight make it an ideal tool for mobile application of strapping on irregularly shaped objects.



The P355 is a pneumatic plastic strapping tool that allows efficient strapping of various types of packages with plastic strapping.


  • Easy Strap Threading
  • Adjustable Sealing Time for High Sealing Efficiency
  • Suitable for Polypropylene and Polyester, Smooth and Embossed Strapping
  • Adjustable Setting for Specific Strap Thickness
  • Individual Tension Adjustment, Avoiding Excessive or Insufficient Strap Tension


  • Easy strap threading-both straps are inserted into the tool together.
  • Sealing time, strap tension as well as strap thickness is adjustable, which guarantees a high sealing efficiency.
  • Very quiet operation, only approximately 75 dB.



The P350 Pneumatic friction sealing tool is ideally suited for heavy industrial strapping applications and is particularly suitable for continuous operation under the most demanding conditions. The P350 has been used successfully in the Aluminum, Metals, Paper, Lumber, PVC Pipe and Building industries.



  • Rugged design for industrial applications
  • Pneumatically powered,very reliable and service friendly
  • Ten stage strap tension adjustment for perfect tensioning
  • Individually set sealing time for specific strap quality and thickness
  • Hightension-850lbs. (3780 N)
  • Strap capacity to1-1/4″ (32 mm)
  • No seals
  • Single button operation available for automatic tensioning and sealing


Adjustment elements:
The sealing and cooling time are adjusted with a flat screwdriver which allows you to adjust to different strap qualities.


Operation levers:
The ergonomically arranged tensioning and sealing levers permits a fast operation of the tool (single button tools have one lever only).


Strap tension knob:
The strap tension knob allows the adjustment of ten different stages of tension.


Strap inserting lever:
Through the activation of the strap insertion lever, the feed wheel and the strap holding device are lifted pneumatically so that the strap is easily inserted into the tool. The strap is then positively locked in the tool allowing for easy slack strap take-up before tensioning.


The proven friction weld technology guarantees a high seal joint efficiency.



The high performance strapping tool with MicroLock sealless joint has been designed for stationary applications. It tensions, seals and separates the strap automatically by actuating the appropriate keypad. It is produced in different tensioning levels and can process regular duty and high tensile steel straps. The uniform tension of the straps is guaranteed by a pneumatic drive and the security sealless MicroLock joint guarantees perfectly secured goods.



  • Ruggedly Designed high performance strapping tool meeting the requirements of the most demanding applications.
  • Unique MicroLock sealless joint preventing the seal from getting loose in case if shrinkage of package.
  • Easy simultaneous loading of both straps and pneumatic operation increase productivity considerably.
  • The sealed joint reduces the overall strapping cost by apron. 10% through the elimination of the seals.
  • Pneumatic tensioning guarantees even tension of all straps applied.



The A380 is a strapping tool used in the timber and construction material industry. The tool is characterized in particular by its reliability in shift work and with continous operation under the most rigorous conditions. Supplied as a semi and fully automatic model, it is also produced in four tensioning levels. It is recommended to use the tool in suspended mode.



  • Ruggedly designed high performance strapping tool meeting the requirements of the most demanding applications.
  • High reliability reduces down time; easy to service.
  • Easy simultaneous loading of both straps and pneumatic operation increase productivity considerably.
  • The sealless joint reduces the overall strapping costs by approx. 10% through the elimination of the seals.
  • Pneumatic tensioning guarantees even tension of all straps applied.



The Polychem B series battery operated friction weld tools are “state-of-the-art”, ergonomically designed. The new B Series are shorter in length, lighter in weight, and better balanced for easier operation. The Polychem B Series tools can pull up to 800 lbs. of tension and operate with both polyproplylene and polyester plastic strapping 3/8″ to 3/4″ wide up to .050″ thick. No special change parts are required to adjust for strap width and thickness. The lithium polymer non-memory battery is superior to nickel-cadmium type batteries in that lithium polymer batteries can be fully re-charged at ANYTIME without memory loss.

B series

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