Facility Supply









Odor Control/ Air Fresheners


Eliminate odors and remove airborne bacteria with discrete odor control options, Piedmont National offers a range of odor control options from aerosol sprays to battery operated timed dispensers.

Kitchen Cleaners


Keep your kitchen and break room countertops spotless and germ free with our kitchen disinfectants. We offer a wide variety of kitchen friendly chemicals for your company’s needs.

Glass Cleaners


Piedmont offers an assortment of glass cleaners that will assist you in keeping your office spaces and break rooms as clean as possible. Keeping your office clean will help to maintain healthy workers.

All Purpose Cleaners


Keep your business clean with our variety of all-purpose cleaners. PNC offers a wide range of product, including name brands, economic cleaners, and environmentally friendly options.



Keeping break areas sanitary is a huge concern for businesses. Healthy workers are important to maintaining a good work environment. We offer an assortment of sanitizers to meet all of your needs.



Disinfectants are extremely important to your work environment. Keep your employees healthy and safe by using disinfectants on grimy surfaces. We offer an array of disinfectants to wipe away even the toughest messes.

Restroom Cleaners


To keep your restrooms clean and sanitary, we offer an array of products for all of your bathroom cleaning needs. Ecofriendly and economical options are available.

Carpet Care


Piedmont National offers a variety of products for carpet care. We have name brand, economical, and environmentally friendly solutions to suit your company’s needs.

Floor Cleaners


Piedmont offers an array of products for all of your floor servicing needs. We offer name brand floor cleaners such as Clorox and Pine Sol, and also offer a variety of more economical options to fit all of your floor care needs.


Utility Towels


The best choice for tough jobs, Piedmont National offers a variety of heavy-duty utility wipes. Our multitude of options include low lent, shop towels, reusable wipes, fast absorbing wipes, and more.

Facial Tissue


Soft absorbent facial tissue is an often overlooked paper need in your facility. Piedmont National offers an array of options for every budget, including brand names such as Kleenex, Puffs, Marcel and Georgia Pacific.

Folded Towels


Space conserving folded towels offer a compact option that helps eliminate bulky appliances in your bathroom. The thin dispenser fits in small places without taking up extra amounts of space in your facility. The dispenser comes in a variety of style options to fit all of your needs.

Hand Towels and Dispensers (Roll)


Sanitary hand towels provide a great way to prevent cross contamination as well as providing dry hands after washing for your employees. Piedmont National offers an assortment of products including coreless products, as well as options to fit an array of budgetary needs.

Bathroom Tissue & Dispensers


Piedmont National offers a variety of bathroom tissue and dispensers for all of your company’s bathroom supply needs! We supply a variety of materials and colors, ranging from sleek stainless steel to the functional double roll plastic dispensers.


Our range of bathroom tissues will fit your current dispensers easily. We offer a variety of options including coreless rolls as well as offering brand name options such as Cottonelle, Scott, and Georgia Pacific.


Food Service Containers


Multiple designs and styles of food service containers available through Piedmont National, we offer plastic, paper and styrofoam options as well os options that are environmentally friendly.

Food Service Film


Food Service film provides an economical option for saving food. Piedmont National offers an array of options (plastic and foil) to meet all of your food service packaging needs.



Piedmont National offers an assortment of dinnerware options for bowls, and plates. Economical plastic, styrofoam, and paper versions are available as well as more elegant plastic versions for any occasion.

Drinking Straws


Individually wrapped straws offer the maximum amount of sanitary drinking protection for your facility. Piedmont offers an assortment of options in cases, unwrapped and individually wrapped, both of which are offered in environmentally friendly and biodegradable options.

Cold Beverage Cups, Lids, and Accessories


Piedmont National offers a variety of cold beverage cups and lids. These options include biodegradable, plastic, and paper options all in a variety of designs and colors.

Hot Beverage Cups and Lids


Piedmont National offers an assortment of hot beverage lids, cups and accessories to fit all of your needs. We offer environmentally conscious options as well as a multitude of cup designs.



Plastic cutlery is perfect for catering, stocking your break room, or providing for your customers. Piedmont National offers an assortment of styles and dispensers for cutlery ranging from individually wrapped, to bulk casing. We also offer environmentally conscious options.


Hand Sanitizers


Promote healthy employees with our range of hand sanitizers: Piedmont National offers gel and foam options. We also offer a variety of dispensers, wall mounted and hand pumps are available.

Hand Soap


Piedmont offers a variety of soap and soap dispenser options, as well as disposable and refillable vessels. We also provide dispensers and wall mount options.

Personal Seat Covers


Provide your employees with a hygienic seat cover. Personal seat covers are flushable and offer protection. Convenient dispenser packs allow easy access to this product.


Safety Vests


Fluorescent colors help to provide maximum visibility for your workers. Reflective silver stripping assists in maximizing visibility.

Safety Signs


Caution signs, wet floor signs, and mobile barriers are important for every business. We can provide you with all of your safety sign needs.

First Aid


Basic first aid kits and industrial level first aid kits are available. All first aid kits contain items to assist with minor injuries. (Cuts, scrapes, bruises, personal discomfort, minor burns etc.)

Hearing Protection



  • non disposable and padded foam hearing protection with head band for secure fit.


Ear Plugs

  • disposable hearing protection that is individually wrapped in sanitary packaging with available wall mounted dispensers.

Work Gloves


Essential for heavy labor, our assortment of work gloves include leather, welder’s gloves, heavy duty labor and cold protection, and many more.

Protective Eyewear

Piedmont offers an assortment of protective eyewear in a variety of styles and colors. Our stylish options are great for indoor and outdoor activities.

Latex Gloves


  • High Dexterity
  • Great for Lab work
  • FDA Approved
  • Medical grades and food prep grades available



Ensure safety and kitchen hygiene with disposable facial hair protectors. Ideal for food processing and industrial manufacturing.


Waste Receptacle Liners


Piedmont National offers an assortment of waste receptacle liners for all of your waste management needs. We offer a variety of colors and roll types, including cored rolls, coreless rolls, and folded bulk options. Some of our can liner options include biohazard bags, transparent bags, recyclable bags and heavy duty contractor’s bags.

Waste Receptacles


Piedmont National offers an array of waste receptacle options. These options include odor control and recycling. The waste receptacles are ready for any facility, and offer several different aesthetics to fit your facility’s requirements.


Mops, Brooms and Squeegees

Piedmont offers an assortment of options for all of your floor cleaning activities. We have a variety of styles and sizes for brooms, mops and squeegees.

Step Stools and Ladders


Piedmont offers a variety of step stools and ladders for every need. Folding and stationary models are available.

Service Carts


All-purpose carts for all of your janitorial needs; room for brooms, mops, and cleaners as well as multiple compartments for all other facility supplies.