Bubble Wrap



Pregis’ new EZ Bubble-Out bags-on-a-roll dispense cushioned bags at the point-of-use for increased productivity — and increased savings.


EZ Bubble-Out Bag Features

  • Bags on a perforated roll makes packaging quicker and easier than carton-packed, loose bags.
  • Self-seal adhesive lip eliminates wrapping and taping materials and labor.
  • 3/16″ Astro-Cell air cushioning is superior cushioning.
  • Transparent air cushioning creates easy product identification.
  • Lightweight and easily placed at packaging work area.
  • Patent pending; only Pregis can offer you EZ bags-on-a-roll.



Pregis offers the superior performance of Astro-Cell Plus barrier bubble technology. Astro-Cell Plus cushioning costs the same as the Astro-Cell “LD” mono extruded product, yet it is stronger, lighter, more flexible and provides better cushioning protection.


While air cellular packaging material is customarily made with single-ply polyethylene, Pregis employs a thin, co-extruded barrier that is 100 times more resistant to the passage of air than even a thick, single layer of polyethylene. The result is a packaging material that retains its air and cushioning power much longer and under greater pressure, than competitive, non-barrier bubbles.

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Astro-Bubble Green contains up to 40% recycled content to provide high-quality, durable protective air cushioning for surface cover, packing fragile items, and void-fill. Astro-Bubble Green air cushioning bubble is designed to incorporate high levels of recycled content without losing product integrity, which provides the value our customers expect and moves us closer toward Pregis’ own sustainability goal to use resources wisely.


Pregis understands that today, more than ever, companies are in need of cost-effective, strong and reliable protective packaging products that minimize damage to a wide variety of goods during transit. Astro-Bubble Green air cushioned bubble is available in rolls of small (3/16”), medium (5/16”) and large bubble (1/2”) in a range of widths and lengths to provide to you the best protective air cushioning available, whatever your needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Minimum of 25% recycled content
  • Easy to identify light green color
  • Manufactured using reusable polyethylene resin
  • Superior cushioning


  • Reduces land ll waste
  • Promotes purchases of recycled content products
  • Recyclable*
  • Optimal surface protection

High quality, high value solutions
Pregis’ Astro-Bubble Green air cushioning materials offer a smart, lightweight, clean and exible alterative to loose- ll, product wrap or void- ll.



  • Protective packaging that addresses environmental concerns of the end consumers
  • More cost-effective to ship, store and use
  • Protective packaging made with recycled materials with no loss in performance



  • Use of sustainable packaging lessens depletion and dependence on virgin resins
  • Light weight material uses less fuel for transport
  • Increased preservation of virgin raw materials



Introducing Bubble Wrap brand Recycled Grade material from Sealed Air, the most effective air cellular cushioning available. Our new Recycled Bubble Wrap brand material contains a minimum of 50% pre-consumer recycled material.


Available in two sizes (3/16″ Small and 1/2″ Large), Bubble Wrap brand


The Difference is Our Barrier Bubble Technology

Recycled Grade material provides all of the strength and dependability of our classic Bubble Wrap brand material with three times the recycled content.


As the inventors of Bubble Wrap brand cushioning over 50 years ago, our secret to a better bubble has always been in keeping our bubbles full of air for the entire shipping cycle. We do this using our patented Barrier Bubble technology.


The superior strength of our bubbles provides a better value:

  • Superior Cushioning – Higher initial thickness and fullness provides up to 30% better protection than other air cellular materials.
  • Reduced Costs – Less material is required for protection versus non-barrier brands.
  • Longer Lasting Protection – Air retention layer maintains consistent cushioning throughout the shipping cycle.