The innovative NOVUS Air Cushion machine produces a variety of air cushions from large cushions to quilt/pad shapes. Produce bubble on demand at an astonishing 70 lineal feet per minute. It’s the most compact and fastest inflation system available, making packaging material on demand easier than ever. The NOVUS machine uses 16″ wide, low density polyethylene film (#4). Four different film configurations are available.


The superior protection provided by NOVUS is also available as an eco-friendly packaging solution, see our Novus Select Green air cushions with air transfer technology.


Use the NOVUS Double Cushion for large void fill applications. NOVUS Supertube and Quilt-Air Large cushions can be used for void fill, wrapping and surface protection. NOVUS Quilt-Air Small can be used for interleaving and small bubble applications. No more bubble storage; make bubble when you need it!



Save money by eliminating traditional bubble handling, transportation and storage costs. Gain valuable floor space. One inflated roll of PILLOW PAK® Quilt Medium film, with its 7/8″ height, makes the equivalent of four full bundles of traditional ½” bubble material 48″ wide and 250 feet long.Unlike traditional bubble material, PILLOW PAK film doesn’t pop and lose its cushioning properties. PILLOW PAK film allows air to move (or transfer) between cells providing superior product cushioning and protection.


Benefits over traditional bubble wrapping material

  • Reduce Damage! Unique air transfer technology improves cushioning.
  • Cost Effective! Lower material costs because 7/8″ PILLOW PAK Quilt Medium bubble height reduces number of wraps while providing same cushioning protection.
  • Maximum flexibility! Perforated every six inches for easy handling.
  • Easy to Use! Simple to operate machine controls.
  • Space Saving! Use at pack station or with portable Bundle Winder.
  • Fast! Makes a 1,000 sq. ft. bundle in less than 8 1/2 minutes.



Air Cushion System


Ultimate. Universal. Unique.


User-Friendly Packing System
The ultimate packing machine provides total modularity for complete control.


Ultimate: Faster Void
The POWER PAK’R produces air cushions 60% faster any other machine on the market, with operating speeds up to 16 cubic feet per minute (120 LF/Min).


Pack more boxes per hour, which will reduce the labor cost per box shipped.


16 cubic feet of packing material per minute gives the flexibility of filling small or extremely large voids quickly.


Universal: Versatility
A modular system design allows the POWER PAK’R to be configured to run in single pack table operations, over a conveyor system, or fully integrated pack lines, feeding air cushions to multiple packstations throughout the fulfillment center. Maximum air cushion capacity reduces the amount of film required to provide ultimate protection.


Unique: Ease-of-Use
With built-in RFID technology, the POWER PAK’R automatically selects the right seal temperature, air flow and seal pressure for every film. With the POWER PAK’R you will find that it is easier than ever to operate a packaging system. It is easy to load film rolls, and no training is needed.


When equipped with a Sheeter, users can set pre-selected and pre-cut cushion strings. This takes away the need for the user to manually tear off the film by automatically slicing film at preset lengths. Additionally, with the Pre-tear option, the POWER PAK’R separates the film (with our micro-perforation technology) allowing the packer to effortlessly pull a string of cushions from the machine.



The SPEED FEEDER system cuts and dispenses material on demand directly into the box. The system can dispense continuously by pressing and holding the foot pedal or can dispense a preset number of cushions by setting the desired number of cushions on the display panel and tapping the foot pedal to dispense. Additionally, the system can automatically replenish a preset length of material when the cut material is removed from the machine. The SPEED FEEDER takes the guess work out of void fill processes, saving time and money. The innovative SPEED FEEDER System is helping major distribution centers cut packing times while exceeding their customers “green” expectations when using our CELL-O green air cushions.


  • Delivers cut strings of material directly into the box to eliminate the extra labor of tearing cushions.
  • Capable of delivering cut strings of cushions at 180 linear feet per minute (25 cubic feet).
  • Can program set number of cushions needed or run continuous cushion strings with a foot pedal.
  • Mobile with EZ Pack Station to easily move to any warehouse location.
  • In standard carton applications, with set number of cushions, packaging costs can be controlled.
  • Ergonomic features eliminate tearing of cushions, improving packer satisfaction.
  • Works with EZ Double CushionTM and Biodegradable EZ Double Cushion air cushions.

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The Pad-N-Pak Workstation is a packaging workstation built around a PadPak Senior machine. The machine is mounted below the packaging workstation table in one of several stand options, and is fitted with a curved chute to facilitate its use as a workstation. The table can also be arranged to allow the pad to be fed from either the left or right side of the table. The standard Pad-N-Pak Workstation includes a PadPak converter, work table, remote box and paper roll lifter. Numerous other options and customizations are available making the Pad-N-Pak Workstation one of the most versatile paper packaging systems available.



  • Versatile – modes of operation allow for batch production or in-line, on demand use
  • Convenient – converter slides in and out from under the table for easy paper loading
  • Flexible – can use with an existing workstation table or with a Ranpak table
  • Adaptable – multiple table options, various accessories and customizations available
  • Environmentally Friendly – 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable paper



PadPak Senior is an extremely versatile paper packaging system that converts multi-ply kraft paper into cushioning pads for fast, efficient cushioning, blocking and bracing, and wrapping for all in-the-box packaging needs. The converter forms the paper into a protective, shock absorbing paper pad through a patented folding and stitching process. Four modes of operation, including pre-set lengths or footswitch, allow packers versatility during packing. The PadPak Senior is also height adjustable, rotates and can be used in a vertical or horizontal position for increased flexibility.


PadPak Senior Features

  • Versatile – several modes of operation allow for batch production or in-line, on demand use
  • Flexible – adaptable and adjustable for seamless integration into any packing environment
  • Excellent Shock Absorption – 2 or 3-ply pads provide excellent cushioning
  • Environmentally Friendly – 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable
Padpak Senior

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PadPak Junior converts multiple ply kraft paper into a cushioning pad for fast, efficient cushioning and blocking and bracing for small volume packaging needs. The converter forms the paper into a protective, shock absorbing paper pad through a patented folding and stitching process. PadPak Junior is easy to operate and requires minimal operator training. The pad is fed by raising the operator handle to the top position and holding the handle there until the desired pad length is dispensed. The pad is cut by lowering the operator handle to the bottom position.


PadPak Junior Features

  • Cost Effective – save money on materials, storage, and labor while increasing productivity
  • Versatile – one material for all your in-the-box packaging needs
  • Excellent Shock Absorption – 2- or 3-ply pads offer excellent cushioning
  • Mobile – converter is set on four casters allowing for ease of movement
  • Environmentally Friendly – 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable paper

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PadPak LC converts 45- or 55-lb. fanfold kraft paper into a light cushioning pad for fast, efficient cushioning, blocking and bracing, or void fill packaging applications. The converter forms the paper into a protective, shock absorbing paper pad through a patented folding and stitching process. The unique converter design and its five different modes of operation allow the converter to be used in batch mode or for on demand pad production.


PadPak LC Features

  • Efficient – patented packs of fanfold paper can be spliced together and converted for maximum uptime and throughput
  • Fast – feed rate of 4 feet per second
  • Versatile – 5 modes of operation allow for batch production or in-line, on demand use
  • Adaptable – easy to rotate and adjust height to adapt to packaging environment needs
  • Environmentally friendly – 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable paper
PadPak LC

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The FillPak system converts fanfold kraft paper at a high speed into a PaperStar configuration that maximizes volume, for fast and efficient void fill. Single-ply fanfold kraft paper allows the system to operate at high speeds with virtually no down time. The system can fit over any conveyor system to dispense void fill material directly into the box, making it extremely efficient for random applications. The unique design also allows users to stack and adhere six bundles of paper to maximize uptime and throughput.



  • Fast – output of 55 inches of paper per second
  • Efficient – up to 11,620 ft. of paper can be stacked and adhered together for maximum uptime and throughput
  • Adaptable – integrates easily into an inline conveyor or packstation operation
  • Versatile – Electronic Delivery System (EDS) allows users to select pre-set lengths of 16″ to 100″
  • Environmentally Friendly – 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable paper

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RANPAK Fillpak Brochure



FillPak TT with cut mechanism converts fanfold kraft paper into a PaperStar configuration for fast and efficient void filling. In addition to adding a cut mechanism to the FillPak TT, the upgrade also gives the operator the ability to pre-set paper lengths via an Electronic Delivery System (EDS) mode. The unit can be set up to dispense void fill material in lengths of 12 inches up to 10 feet. The TT with cut mechanism has the same small footprint as the regular FillPak TT and can be easily adapted to any packing environment or integrated into areas with limited space.


FillPak TT Features

  • Fast – output of 70 inches of paper per second
  • Versatile – allows users to program pre-set lengths of paper
  • Compact – small, lightweight and easy to use for facilities with multiple packing stations
  • Adaptable – converter height and head angles are adjustable for ease and comfort while loading or packing
  • Environmentally Friendly – 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable paper



The FillPak M converter quickly forms 15″ single-ply, fanfold paper into a PaperStar configuration that maximizes volume, for fast, efficient top and side void fill. Ideal for low volume or individual pack station needs, the compact unit takes up minimal space, and saves time and labor as the material is produced on demand and straight into the box. Additionally, the FillPak M eliminates the need for labor-intensive hand crumpling of paper.



  • Very Compact – the small unit can be fit into any packing environment
  • Easy to Use – simply pull, tear and pack
  • Quiet – no motor makes the unit appropriate for non-industrial settings
  • Efficient – forms fanfold kraft paper into an effective void fill material with a high yield
  • Environmentally Friendly – 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable paper

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RANPAK Fillpak M Brochure



AccuFill is the breakthrough solution to optimizing the amount of void fill used in high volume packaging operations. As boxes come down the line, the AccuFill sensors scan the box to determine its size, measure the volume of the objects inside the box and compute the amount of paper needed to fill the void. It then signals the FillPak converter to dispense the exact amount of paper needed — no guesswork required. One of six standard analysis reports will compute the paper usage of the AccuFill®system by collecting data from each box ran through the system.



  • High Volume – Inline void fill system with output of up to 12 boxes per minute
  • Optimization – controls material usage to prevent over and under filling
  • Flexibility – ability to read and pre-program up to 26 unique box sizes
  • Management Control – six standard analysis reports available
  • Environmentally Friendly – 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable paper
  • Fast – FillPak dispenses paper up to 55 inches per second

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RANPAK Accufill



FillPak TT converts 15″ single-ply, fanfold kraft paper into a PaperStar configuration that maximizes volume, for fast and efficient void fill material to protect products in shipment. Place a FillPak TT at multiple packing stations to maintain packing efficiency while minimizing material cost and usage. FillPak TT is easily operated by a foot pedal and dispenses void fill material directly into a box, allowing for maximum throughput.


Void Fill Where and When you Need It

  • Fast, converting speed is 60 inches per second
  • Compact, designed for companies with multiple packing stations
  • Adaptable, can be converted into a battery operated unit when electrical outlets are not available
  • Versatile, can be easily configured as a floor or a table stand
  • Lightweight, entire converter only weights 55lbs. making it easy to move around

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RANPAK Fillpak TT Cut Mechanism




The AirSpeed 5000 void fill packaging system is designed for high volume, on-demand packaging situations. Perfect for when you want to go fast and minimize inventory space requirements!


  • High Speed – Up to 75 feet per minute
  • Easy to Operate – Load and go
  • Portable – No compressed air required
  • Reliable – A real work horse! Delivers high quality cushions each and every time.
  • Minimal wear items
  • Multiple film options available
  • Maximum productivity and ergonomics – Easily integrated with AirSpeed accessories
  • Worry free – Backed by Pregis’ Service Team & 24/7 Tech Service Hotline
    Pregis films are true to size

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Pregis-Airspeed 5000



The Airspeed 9000 is an innovative and efficient inflatable packaging solution! The engineered design keeps a series of adjoining tubes securely inflated to cushion and protect products during shipment. Increase productivity by reducing labor, material, storage, shipping, and damage/return costs. ChamberPak® products improve your bottom line!


  • Superior protection during shipping. Resilient, durable inflatable cushioning protects products from shock and vibration.
  • Significant source reduction opportunities compared to engineered products like
  • EPS Foam create environmental and cost advantages
  • Reusable (recyclable where available)
  • Total packaging savings compared to other engineered packaging materials can equal up to 45%
  • Available as stock and custom designs



The AirSpeed Smart system is a convenient and cost-effective way to create inflatable void fill cushions on-demand for compact or remote work stations. This lightweight system offers portability, durability and functionality.


With great ease, the Smart turns flat, easy-to-store, market leading performance film into lightweight, non-abrasive void fill packaging.


  • Goes anywhere – Truly portable at only 26 lbs
  • Quiet – Suitable for use in an office setting
  • Versatile –Designed for the small work areas but ready for the big jobs
  • Simple to set-up, simple to operate- Allows operators to control air-fill levels and select pillow sizes that best suit their needs
  • Multiple film options available
  • Worry free – Backed by Pregis’ Service Team & 24/7 Tech Service Hotline
  • Pregis films are true to size
Airspeed Smart

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Pregis puts the Versa in versatility with this new hybrid air cushioning system. With the option to produce a variety of cushion heights and widths on demand or at the fastest speed available on the market, the AirSpeed HC Versa is perfect for operations that package products with varying demand, size and shape.


In the other words, the HC Versa is one system that can virtually do it all – cushioning, wrapping, blocking and bracing and void fill.

  • Maximum Versatility – Multiple film types, cushion heights & widths provide the widest range of use on the market
  • Three cushion heights: Small (3/4”), Medium (1”) and Large (1-1/4”)
  • Three cushion widths: 12”, 18” and 24” inflated
  • Film Options: Performance Plus, Performance, Standard, HC Flex
  • Film formulations: Renew and Anti-Stat
  • Compact – Small footprint for tight spaces
  • Fast – Produces inflated cushions at 75 feet per minute!
  • Compatible with advanced delivery solutions and HC Autoflow for high volume packaging operations
  • Simple and safe to load and operate – one touch operator interface
  • Worry free – Backed by Pregis’ Service Team & 24/7 Tech Service Hotline
Airspeed HC Versa




The Rapid Fill system has redefined void fill by inflating materials to the precise amount necessary creating a custom solution for each page.


  • Dramatically increase productivity- Fill and seal up to 10 cartons a minute, doubling or tripling the speed of some traditional methods
  • Versatile- Supports multiple pick-and-pack workstations, reducing the number of packagers needed on the line
  • Responsible Packaging- Material is light weight and inflates on-site taking up a fraction of the truck space to ship conventional packaging materials and reduces the transportation impact
  • Cost Savings- Rapid Fill film is the lightest void fill material available saving money on shipping
  • Simple 3 Step Process
  • A Packer clips a Rapid Fill Bag to a corner of the carton to be filled
  • The flaps of the carton are closed and it is guided into the rapid fill system where it is sealed
  • The bag will automatically be inflated with the right amount of air through the carton wall



The Fill-Air Cyclone inflatable packaging system meets the most rigorous, high volume packaging challenges without giving up valuable floor space.


  • Saves Warehouse Space- Compact footprint is ideal for table top placement at a pack station
  • Easy to use- The system is ready to use straight from the carton- simply plug in and load the film to begin. No shop air required!
  • Versatile- Use on demand in decentralized tabletop environments or online for increased efficiency
  • Responsible Packaging- Material inflates on-site taking up a fraction of the truck space needed to ship conventional packaging materials and reducing the transportation impact.
  • Film Offering- Available in four widths with the option of two film lengths, creating eight possible cushion sizes.
Fill-Air Cyclone

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