Packaging in the 21st century

Packaging in 21st Century

Seventeen years ago we leapt into a century of unimaginable advances and some of us, although we may be slow to admit it, are just now catching up. In the world of sales, nurturing relationships with customers is everything. The 21st century introduced a wave of digital technology that helps businesses maintain and manage those relationships. Among these tools are CRM systems, online ordering systems, email marketing tools, cloud-based data systems, etc. Many of us fear that technology such as this will take away those relationships and any edge we had against our competitors. Some of us are quick to grimace every time we hear the words “our company is switching to a new system!” but, before that happens, do we even take the time to learn that system and its benefits? In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of an online ordering system.

A great place for any company interested in taking the leap into the future of technology and business is to set up an online ordering system. An example of a system like this is Shopfront, which allows companies to manage the relationships they have while simplifying the entire ordering process for the customer. A customer now has the ability to place an entire order on their own with the few clicks of a button; eliminating human error and adding to the time they can spend on more important things (like that ever-important relationship!) With unique features such as order history, businesses will now be able to confidently answer the dreaded question “where’s my order?” without having to frantically search through emails and paper files. You’ve now given yourself a leg up against your competitor by adding a new technology to your packaging resources.


Online ordering systems are a simple technology that can be customized to your needs and will help to streamline the ordering process. What can your business do to join the 21stcentury?