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The well-known Zippy Bagger is designed for all your bagging needs. Designed to operate on both polyethylene and laminated wicked pouches, the Zippy bagger is easy to use and provides speeds of up to 35 cycles per minute.


The Zippy bagger is one of few baggers on the market that can open and seal pouches as small as 6 inches to as large as 14 inches wide. This versatile bagging machine uses a rotary heat sealer for both zippered and stand-up pouches.



  • Digital control- PLC operated
  • Low height for easy loading
  • Quick changeover
  • Handles variety of bagging types
  • Conveyorized bag support
  • Plunging supply funnel
  • Lockable casters
  • Foot pedal and automatic cycle functions
  • Trim cutter and waste receptacle
Zippy Bagger



The XPdius Elite Series of VFS baggers are designed for simplicity and serviceability. Servo-driven, the XPdius Elite guarantees smooth operation and precise control. The swing-out control panel and exposed film assembly allows easy access for servicing or maintenance. Available in 3 models, XP Elite 800, XP Elite 120 and Junior Elite.


  • Articulating control panel
  • Color touch screen HMI
  • Auto-retracting film pull roller assembly
  • Independent digital heater control
  • Encoder unwind length control
  • Mechanical film brake mechanism
  • Motorized film unwind rollers
  • Pneumatic vertical sealing bar
  • Pneumatic horizontal sealing jaws
  • Safety guard and switch
  • Servo driven pull belt
  • Servo driven sealing jaws
  • Splicing table for quick change
  • Variable temperature control


  • Hole punching
  • Code dating
  • Bag deflating mechanism
  • Polyethylene sealing jaws
  • Gas flush
  • Gusset attachment
xpdius elite series



Designed for serviceability, cleanability, and ease of use; the VerTek is able to produce pouches up to 12 inches wide and in a variety of shapes and sizes including stick pack, pillow, and gusseted pouches.


Engineered with a single piece 304 stainless steel frame; the VerTek is cleaner in its design and with better accessibility for maintenance.


Equipped with easy to remove pull belts and jaw assembly for off-machine maintenance; and a tool-less removable former, the VerTek is truly designed with service in mind.


Capable of forming, filling, and sealing laminated, metalized or polyethylene materials; the VerTek is compact in its design and features a simplified swiveling mount for the vertical back seal for an even and precise seal. All parts are located at the front of the bagger allowing for easy accessibility and visibility.


Additional features include a 10.4” color touchscreen; quick disconnect sealing jaws and heating elements, side access panel for easier maintenance, an integrated encoder, and more.



  • PLC Based Touch Screen Controls
  • Servo Driven
  • Powered Film unwinding System
  • Pneumatic Vertical Sealing Bar
  • Digital Heater Control
  • Pneumatically Operated Horizontal Sealing Jaws
  • Encoder Unwind Length Control
  • Large Memory Storage
  • Safety Guard and Safety Switch
  • Stainless Steel Construction
Vertek Jr



The V-Mini TigerScale is ideal for small weighing applications from 1/2 oz. to 2 lbs. Easy to clean and service, all TigerScales feature complete open frame design and stainless steel construction. Available in 2,3 and 4 lane configurations, the V-Mini can produce at speeds up to 60 cycles per minute and integrate with any automatic bagging machine. Designed for quick changeover, all TigerScales include features like toeless removable weigh buckets, funnels, and hopper. The V-Mini uses angled pans that are well-suited for free-flowing products.


  • Tool-less weigh buckets, funnel and hopper removal
  • Quick plug-in motors and load cell
  • NEMA IV valve and electrical enclosures
  • Automatic flap gate mechanism
  • Mechanical and electrical load cell stop
  • USDA standards-HACCP compliant


  • Washdown load cells
  • Teflon coated pans and buckets
  • S/S floor stand
  • Dimpled finish
  • Dribble gates



The Swifty Bagger is designed to handle many types of pre-made bags including stand-up, guest, and flat bottom bags, with or without zipper closures. The straight flow-through design makes for an easy to use and quick to clean automatic machine that increases productivity and profitability. The Swifty Bagger is suited for any type of product in a bag. Ideal for snack food, candy, pet food, powders, fresh foods, frozen foods, and liquids as well. The Swifty Bagger is available in two models SB-3600 and SB1200.


  • Micrologix PLc
  • Festo cylinders and valves
  • Panel view color touchscreen
  • Shaft-CAM operated with encoder control
  • Variable speed control
  • No-bag no-fill sensor


  • Straight flow-through design
  • Unclustered operation
  • Quick bag loading station
  • Easy to access
  • Fast to clean and maintain
  • User-friendly operation
  • Simple to service
Star Auger



The Star Auger Filler offers precision, speed, and versatility in the handling of powders and granules. This servo-driven filler is built to match your specific product requirements. Its stainless steel construction, easy to remove tooling and hinged hopper door allow for simple cleaning, maintenance and product change over.


  • See-through viewing glass
  • Servo Motor
  • Quick disconnect parts
  • Self Adjusting auger screw
  • Automatic weight adjustment
  • Hinged hopper door for accessibility
  • Easily interfaced with auxiliary packaging equipment


  • Automatic adjustment feedback scale
  • Level sensing controls
  • Stainless steel stand
  • Tooling (long and short)



Designed to increase productivity when filling challenging products into rigid containers-high, irregular, or tight-fitting items will fill easily with the SpinDexter. Available with 12,14,16 or 24 stations and operating at speeds up to 60 cm. the SpinDexter includes a variable speed indeed / discharge conveyor, traveling funnel assembly, no container / no fill sensor and clog detection sensor as well as many more features. Fully enclosed with lexan safety covers, the SpinDexter is built with food grade materials and all contact parts are stainless steel. PLC controlled, the unit is servo driven and supplied with a color HMI.



  • Additional Traveling Funnel Assembly
  • Unclogging Assembly with vertical Motion
  • Unclogging and Plunging Assembly
  • Product Setting Stations
  • Additional Star Wheel for Change in container diameter or shape



The Bingo Bagger like the Zippy Bagger is designed to operate on both polyethylene and laminated wicked pouches and provide speeds of up to 25 cycles per minute. Where the Bingo Bagger differs is that it is the only compact automatic bagging machine available that can produce a true vacuumed product or gas flush using a snorkel to control your exact nitrogen residual. The Bingo can open and seal pouches as small as 6 inches and as large as 14 inches wide. This versatile bagging machine uses horizontal seal bars to seal both zippered and stand-up pouches.



  • Adjustable bag wicket holders and pins
  • Stationary product funnel
  • Indépendant pneumatic knife assembly
  • Digital temperature control
  • Stationary bag seal station
Bingo Bagger

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The autoWeigher will reduce labor costs and increase productivity with this easy to operate solution. The Auroweijher automatically fills any type of bag or container and can be integrated with an auxiliary bagging machine or conveyer. Available in two different models.



  • Tool-less removal of components
  • Comparable with auxiliary equipment
  • Various surface finishings for product flow
  • Intuitive control and display panel
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Table top or floor stand configuration
  • Automatic or manual mode operations
  • Pneumatically-actuated gate

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