Shrink Sleeves

Piedmont offers a variety of Shrink Sleeve options to fit all of your businesses needs






The TE-280 Tamper Evident banding system is designed to apply small or large format, tamper evident shrink bands to round and rectangular shaped containers.


Originally designed for the dairy industry to apply tamper evident bands to ice cream rounds and scrounds, the TE-280 System has been modified to serve many other applications including salad and produce tubs, baked goods, and baby formula canisters.


Tamper evident shrink bands are a great way to add value to your product, ensuring end users that the product has been safely sealed from production to shelf.


360 Degrees of Support
The key to a successful application for tubs without a supporting “shoulder” is to ensure the placement of the shrink bands around the lid.


The TE-280 System is designed where product always maintains linear flow, and a carrier plate support system wraps around each container. This moving carrier plate system is in sync with product flow, providing a positive, moving shelf for the band to rest. This shelf ensures zero drag and consistent band placement.

tamper evident neck banding

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The LSA series shrink tunnel machines are engineered for light production schedules. This machine takes up minimal floor space and have a cantilever design, making line integration quick and easy. The LSA series is an excellent machine for entry level packaging needs.


Designed for both tamper evident banding and shrink sleeve labeling, the LSA series is the first step in automating your line, replacing manual labor with dependable, accurate sleeve application of full body sleeves at speeds up to 50ppm (4″ cut length).

Tri pack LSA

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The MSA Series applicators are built for mid to high speed applications and moderate to heavy production schedules. These models include user-friendly touch screens (powered by Allen-Bradley or Panasonic) and are built with high quality, rugged, stainless steel.


The most flexible sleeve applicator on the market today, the MSA/HSA 300 Series Applicators have a range of 40-400mm Layflat film size, 1 – 10″ product size, round or odd shapes, at speeds up to 700ppm. Popular with blow molders and contract decorators, the MSA Series is a mid level system, ideal for handling jobs of all shapes and sizes.

TRI pack MSA

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Shrink Control


The TRIPACK ST Series Tunnel Systems are designed to provide the highest level of shrink quality through an integrated control system including pressure metering, directional and fully adjustable steam distribution, and variable speed steam exhaust.


The versatility of these steam tunnels ensure your ability to run the more challenging shrink sleeve applications such as contoured bottles with high shrink requirements, such as trigger spray bottles, and also odd or oblong shaped containers.


Simple, Repeatable Setup


When performing a line changeover, you want the process to be as quick and simple as possible. Production up time is a serious consideration when looking at the overall efficiency of a packaging line, which is why we continue to develop new setup methods that take the guess work out, and create a scaled, repeatable setup process.

steam tunnels

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TRIPACK convection heat shrink tunnels are designed specifically for shrink sleeve labeling, tamper evident banding and moisture sensitive products. Our machines serve both a variety of applications as well as industries. Customers love the compact and mobile design to serve their packaging needs.


Shrink Sleeve Labeling Shrink sleeves have emerged as an effective and aesthetically pleasing packaging solution. They allow 360° marketing for various shapes and allow retailers more versatility in their product staging.


Tamper Evident Banding Most popular among the food and pharmaceutical industries, tamper evident bands alert consumers if their product has been compromised. These are typically in the shape of a ring and made out of plastic.


Moisture Sensitive Products Many food, beverage and cosmetic products are damaged and turn potentially harmful when exposed to moisture.


Our shrink tunnels display a wide range of features including: multi-zone setups, digital air flow adjustments, digital temperature control and adjustable air flow baffle systems. our systems provide the highest level of shrink tunnel control for any shrink sleeve application. Combining quality, efficiency and control, TRIPACK’s convection tunnel are perfect for any shrink sleeve application.

convection tunnels



The HSA Series applicators are built for high-speed applications, heavy production schedules and extensive line integration requirements. These models are built to last, with rugged stainless steel designs, easy to operate touch screens powered by Allen-Bradley control systems and servo motion.


All 300 Series applicators are available in NEMA 4X, caustic wash-down construction for dairy or other intense cleaning environments. Coupled with our FT-300 Film Accumulation system, these high speed systems will run non-stop, with on-the-fly film changeovers, maximizing uptime and production throughput.

TRI pack HSA

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