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Package Guru: It’s Just Tape, Right?

Every time you make a shipment you put your reputation on the line. If your product arrives damaged, or doesn’t arrive at all due to lost or stolen goods, you pay the price, sometimes in the form of lost customers. When it comes to protection, the first thing that comes to mind is the inside the package, or perhaps the box itself, but the tape used to seal your box may be your best defense. The ideal tape for you is the one that will reliably allow your product to get to the customer undamaged, at the lowest cost.

When selecting the right box sealing tape, consider the materials used to make up your corrugate boxes. Some carton sealing tapes are specifically designed to adhere to boxes made up of highly recycled or rough materials. Other tapes are designed for highly printed cartons. You must also consider the weight of the product inside the box. A heavy product may require a stronger and/or wider tape. The temperature and humidity in the area where the case is sealed and stored is also important when choosing the right tape.

Carton sealing tape can do more for your business than keep your boxes sealed. Having your tape custom printed with a logo, handling instructions, or safety message is an excellent way to advertise, convey package handling instructions or provide tamper evidence. In addition to custom printed tapes, carton sealing tape is also available in a wide variety of colors. This allows for easy identification throughout the packing, shipping, and receiving process.

Every packaging application is different in some way. If you are experiencing issues with your current carton sealing tape or if you’d like to explore the ways that a printed or specialty carton sealing tape could help your business, a representative from Piedmont National will gladly visit your facility. By asking questions and investigating in all areas of your packaging process, we will recommend the best carton sealing tape for your application.


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