Efficiency and safety should be a priority to help your facility improve your packaging process. We can help you review the materials that your food and beverage business is using and examine whether they can be more durable, safer, or more efficient. Security is an important factor in choosing your packaging materials and equipment, especially when you’re shipping non-perishable products that need to remain cold or frozen.

Damage Reduction

Food and Beverage shipping companies can take measures to ensure that products are packaged securely, so that the food products inside remain safe for the consumer. Your food and beverage packaging options should be adaptive and flexible to fit your facility’s packaging needs. Perishables like fruit and vegetables are kept secure in strong corrugated boxes or in clear polyethylene bags that keep products visible. Produce shippers can reduce damage to perishables during transport by maintaining distance between items, packaging produce in plastic bags, and separating produce items from gel packs by cardboard inserts.



For packaging non-perishable food shipments, invest in an efficient packaging process that utilizes safe and secure materials. Packaging automation systems enable your business to increase efficiency, safety, and profitability. For example, automatic and semi-automatic bagging systems and tray erectors save on labor costs and increase your product output.


Sanitary Environments

Maintaining a sanitary facility is critical to packaging food and beverage items. Investing in protective items like gloves, face masks, and safety goggles promote hygiene and sanitation standards in your facility that help your associates remain healthy and guarantee your products to stay safe for consumers.


Cold Chain and Cold Storage

Cold packs and insulating foam are ideal for keeping your cold or frozen items intact through the shipping process. Keep your cold and frozen food items fresh by investing in reliable insulated shippers that are cost-effective, extend shipping times, can be reused through multiple shipping cycles, and maintain product integrity. Learn more about cold storage packaging options here.

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