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Sharp MAX 24 Continuous Bagging System


Sharp MAX 24 Continuous Bagging System accommodates boot boxes, and packages exit label side up for easy scanning

Sharp’s E-Z Bags® feed through the machine, are opened, filled with product, then sealed

  • Improved exit conveyor—Packages exit with the label side up to facilitate sortation and scanning
  • Technology advancements include HMI, a networkable touchscreen PC running Windows® embedded plus an Allen-Bradley PLC
  • Handles large packages up to 12″ deep, including shoe and boot boxes
  • Faster, with huge gains in throughput– Easily adjustable seal flattener allows settings to be saved in the HMI – Job recall saves all parameters—no need to adjust HMI settings when switching jobs- Features a drop shelf for fast and easy bag changeovers- Reduced cycle times with the lightweight aluminum jaw
  • Cost savings– No queuing reduces scrap and material cost with movable printing head- Thermal ribbon usage reduced as much as 90% with simple adjustments- Longer lasting constantly heated sealing mechanism- Off-the-shelf parts
  • Troubleshoot quickly on the PC based system with manuals and video clips on the HMI


Faster Printing 

• Datamax® thermal transfer printer for printing bar codes, graphics, and alphanumeric fonts directly onto the package

• Set movable printing head to precise positions, based on package size, to print bags in order, eliminating queuing and reducing scrap and material cost

• Reduce thermal ribbon usage as much as 90% with reduced spacing between impressions, printing with alternative registrations, and adjusting impression placements to increase ribbon usage

Cutting Edge Technology

• Includes HMI, a networkable touchscreen PC running Windows® embedded plus an Allen-Bradley PLC

• Touchscreen is 12.1″

• Optional software package for WMS/WCS systems

More Efficient Operation

• Jaw is aluminum, resulting in less mass, lower inertia, faster movement, and decreased cycle times

• Heavy duty drive fingers don’t bend even with tugging at bags, so no need to realign

• Obstruction sensing jaw

• The constantly heated sealing mechanism offers a longer life than impulse mechanisms

• Recall stored labels or even create labels directly on the HMI

Versatility in Loading

Machine moves up or down, adjusting to a wide range of heights

Access Data Anywhere

• HMI, printer, and PLC can be networked, so they can be accessed at any time from almost anywhere

• Use remote label printing, production reporting, and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) control

Easy Maintenance

• Off-the-shelf, nonproprietary parts

• Color touchscreen display provides troubleshooting guidance with exploded view drawings, manufacturer and part numbers, and html help files with hyperlinks to explain any term

• Service manual is completely integrated into the diagnostics screen


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