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PadPak Senior

Padpak Senior

PadPak Senior is an extremely versatile paper packaging system that converts multi-ply kraft paper into cushioning pads for fast, efficient cushioning, blocking and bracing, and wrapping for all in-the-box packaging needs.  The converter forms the paper into a protective, shock absorbing paper pad through a patented folding and stitching process.  Four modes of operation, including pre-set lengths or footswitch, allow packers versatility during packing.  The PadPak Senior is also height adjustable, rotates and can be used in a vertical or horizontal position for increased flexibility.

PadPak Senior Features

  • Versatile – several modes of operation allow for batch production or in-line, on demand use
  • Flexible – adaptable and adjustable for seamless integration into any packing environment
  • Excellent Shock Absorption – 2 or 3-ply pads provide excellent cushioning
  • Environmentally Friendly – 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable
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