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Manual Shuttle Film to Tray Food Packaging Macines

Starview’s MSTS & PSTS Series are designed and competitively priced for “fresh counter” packaging, typically a clear or random printed film sealed to a preformed tray for food manufacturing companies, catering, grocery stores, delicatessens, etc.. These machines can adapt to seal for a wide range of product tray sizes by simply changing the tooling. The MSTS & PSTS Series machines are available with tooling sets to make a straight film cut-off leaving film overhanging the edge of the tray or a profile trim that follows the contour of the tray. These sealers will provide years of dependable performance with a minimum of maintenance. For machines capable of higher production rates and Modified Atmosphere Protection (MAP) please consider Starview’s MRTS and AITS Series machines.


  • Economical Manual lever and pneumatic press operation versions available
  • Uses clear or random print heat sealable film
  • Tooling may be purchased for square film cutoff or profile trim
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum wipe down design
  • Tabletop and floor model designs are offered



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