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IPAK ATL Automatic Vertical Tray Former, Self Locking

WEXXAR’s ATL automatic self-locking tray former offers specialty tray forming for industrial, agricultural, and distribution applications. Designed and built for sustained, heavy-duty applications, the ATL model is highly versatile, reliable and operator friendly. A Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch screen allows operators to monitor and track all ATL functions and provides pictorial, step-by-step instructions on how to resolve tray forming issues. Corrosion resistant construction enables the ATL to withstand the demands of

most workplace environments. Options to provide full wash-down protection are also available. State-of-the-art servo motion control forms trays precisely at speeds of up to 35 trays per minute and minimizes machine vibration.

The ATL forms a wide range of self-locking trays.

■ Omron HMI touch screen is standard. The graphic interface monitors and tracks ATL operations and alarms with pictorial, step-by-step instructions.

■ Precision servo drive for fast, accurate tray forming up to 35 cpm

■ “Easy Load” self priming magazine loader (optional)

■ 15 minute “Quick Adjust” size changeover (optional)

■ Corrosion resistant construction

■ All electrical components are UL/ULC recognized, name-brand quality and meet NEC, UL, and NFPA code standards

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