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Id Technology 150 Heavy Duty Label Applicator

Rugged wipe-on label applicator, includes brush attachment Handles an assortment of label sizes and shapes Ambidextrous LH and RH design for added flexibility

Quick set up, easy operation

Top, bottom & side applications, planetary arm included Economical

The ID Technology Model 150 provides fully automatic labeling capabilities for improved productivity. It’s ideal for pressure sensitive label application of pre-printed UPC barcodes and spot labels but can handle an assortment of label sizes and shapes. Top, bottom and side applications are easily accomplished with the unique angled U-arm for easy position- ing of the applicator head to the product.

While this is an economical machine, it is a rugged industrial-duty applicator that accu- rately (+/- 1/16”) applies pressure sensitive labels at rates of 100-250/ppm, depending on label size. The synchronous drive of the Model 150 provides low maintenance, dependabil- ity and durability.

The anodized aluminum construction of the Model 150 provides protection from corrosive environments. With the ambidextrous LH and RH design, added flexibility is obtained and allows for changeover in the field. The simplistic design results in minimal downtime, easy fault diagnosis as well as minimal parts inventory.


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