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FP International Speed Feeder System

The SPEED FEEDER system cuts and dispenses material on demand directly into the box. The system can dispense continuously by pressing and holding the foot pedal or can dispense a preset number of cushions by setting the desired number of cushions on the display panel and tapping the foot pedal to dispense. Additionally, the system can automatically replenish a preset length of material when the cut material is removed from the machine. The SPEED FEEDER takes the guess work out of void fill processes, saving time and money. The innovative SPEED FEEDER System is helping major distribution centers cut packing times while exceeding their customers “green” expectations when using our CELL-O green air cushions.

  • Delivers cut strings of material directly into the box to eliminate the extra labor of tearing cushions.
  • Capable of delivering cut strings of cushions at 180 linear feet per minute (25 cubic feet).
  • Can program set number of cushions needed or run continuous cushion strings with a foot pedal.
  • Mobile with EZ Pack Station to easily move to any warehouse location.
  • In standard carton applications, with set number of cushions, packaging costs can be controlled.
  • Ergonomic features eliminate tearing of cushions, improving packer satisfaction.
  • Works with EZ Double CushionTM and Biodegradable EZ Double Cushion air cushions.
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FP International Speed Feeder


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