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FP International Power Pak’R

Air Cushion System

Ultimate. Universal. Unique.

User-Friendly Packing System
The ultimate packing machine provides total modularity for complete control.

Ultimate: Faster Void 
The POWER PAK’R produces air cushions 60% faster any other machine on the market, with operating speeds up to 16 cubic feet per minute (120 LF/Min).

Pack more boxes per hour, which will reduce the labor cost per box shipped.

16 cubic feet of packing material per minute gives the flexibility of filling small or extremely large voids quickly.

Universal: Versatility
A modular system design allows the POWER PAK’R to be configured to run in single pack table operations, over a conveyor system, or fully integrated pack lines, feeding air cushions to multiple packstations throughout the fulfillment center. Maximum air cushion capacity reduces the amount of film required to provide ultimate protection.

Unique: Ease-of-Use
With built-in RFID technology, the POWER PAK’R automatically selects the right seal temperature, air flow and seal pressure for every film. With the POWER PAK’R you will find that it is easier than ever to operate a packaging system. It is easy to load film rolls, and no training is needed.

When equipped with a Sheeter, users can set pre-selected and pre-cut cushion strings. This takes away the need for the user to manually tear off the film by automatically slicing film at preset lengths. Additionally, with the Pre-tear option, the POWER PAK’R separates the film (with our micro-perforation technology) allowing the packer to effortlessly pull a string of cushions from the machine.

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