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FP International Pillow Pak

Save money by eliminating traditional bubble handling, transportation and storage costs. Gain valuable floor space. One inflated roll of PILLOW PAK® Quilt Medium film, with its 7/8″ height, makes the equivalent of four full bundles of traditional ½” bubble material 48″ wide and 250 feet long.Unlike traditional bubble material, PILLOW PAK film doesn’t pop and lose its cushioning properties. PILLOW PAK film allows air to move (or transfer) between cells providing superior product cushioning and protection.

Benefits over traditional bubble wrapping material
• Reduce Damage! Unique air transfer technology improves cushioning.
• Cost Effective! Lower material costs because 7/8″ PILLOW PAK Quilt Medium bubble height reduces number of wraps while providing same cushioning protection.
• Maximum flexibility! Perforated every six inches for easy handling.
• Easy to Use! Simple to operate machine controls.
• Space Saving! Use at pack station or with portable Bundle Winder.
• Fast! Makes a 1,000 sq. ft. bundle in less than 8 1/2 minutes.


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