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Evolution EV 4

EVOLUTION IV takes high resolution ink jet printing to the next level. Itfeatures a 4.3 inch color touch screen controller TSC combined with a
complete software package and the ability to print up to one inch high
alpha/numeric characters as well as bar-codes and graphics. It includes
a variety of font styles and sizes which can be used in a total print area of 1 inch high by 24 inches in length.
EVOLUTION IV is complete and ready to install right out of the box. The system includes a color touch screen controller with stylus for message entry, one print head module with internal product sensor, power supply, and mounting bracket.


EVOLUTION IV delivers bold, highly legible and fully formed characters in a print resolution of 300 dpi at production line speed of up to 150 feet per minute.


The EVOLUTION IV is capable of adapting to existing EVOLUTION
systems, controlled with existing controllers. Additional units may be
added on to the existing bracket for larger print area requirements. Add
on print heads are available with or without brackets for mounting on the opposite of the line. Each side of the production line will require a power supply and mounting bracket. One print head module, mounting bracket and one power supply is included with the initial printer.
Adding another print head is as simple as sliding it on. You can attach
an additional print head on a single bracket by inserting the dovetail
slide on one into the dovetail slot on the other. Once the print heads
are attached to one another a small RS 485 data cable is then used to
connect the modules. This allows the touch screen controller to network
all of the print heads on the production line.


EVOLUTION IV is supplied with four built in font sizes. Optional alternative fonts are available and can be downloaded into the controller through flash card media. Logos are another option, and up to 6 can be stored in the controller. Logos can be printed up to 1” in height. There are 12 built in barcode symbologies included and can be printed up to 1” high, The barcode software in the controller allows you to set the quiet zone, bar width, interbar spacing, human readable information and more.


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