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Econocorp Twinseal

Economical carton sealer glues two flaps – size adjustment in minutes

  • • Carton size range: Min: 3/4 x 3/4 x 3” (19 x 19 x 76mm) Max: 12 x 4 x 12” (305 x 102 x 305m
  • Compact
  • Speed: Up to 1800 cartons per hour
  • (depending on operator dexterity, carton style,
  • size and other factors
  • Simple operation with minimum moving parts

Sealing Method

Hot Melt Glue

  • The hot melt glue system is the most popular Twinseal sealing method which minimizes flap compression time and works well with many different board materials and coatings.

Hot Air Sealing

  • Hot air guns can be used to seal cartons that have either pre-applied adhesive or double sided sealable coatings on the carton board.

Optional Equipment

Hand Crank Lateral Adjustment

  • The Twinseal with hand crank adjustment was developed specifically for production lines that have multiple carton sizes and must switch back and forth to meet marketing demands. To change over to a new carton size, the hand crank is easily adjusted to the appropriate carton size and locked in position. Changeover time is reduced to minutes and most change parts are eliminated.

Automatic Cycle

  • The Automatic Cycle option detects a carton in position for sealing and automatically starts the cycle.

Coding (Auto-cycle option required)

  • Deboss, ink and hot leaf coding systems are available for installation on the Twinseal to meet your specific requirements.

Automated Infeed Systems

  • Infeed conveyors are available to transport filled packages directly into the Twinseal without the need for an operator to feed loaded cartons directly into the Twinseal.


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