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2-EZ XL Series

Combi Packaging System’s heavy duty side belt drive case erectors form and bottom seal large and extra large cases at speeds up to 10 cases per minute. These machines are built for optimal durability, reliability, and value. Engineered with the industry’s strongest frame (lifetime warranty) for the most demanding 3-shift environments, the 2-EZ XL, 2-EZ XL HS, and 2-EZ XXL can readily integrate into your existing line. Combi’s user-friendly EZ-load walk-in case magazines and 2-minute changeover system are standard features. The redesigned 2-EZ XL series case erectors will provide years of dependable service and can form and seal the widest variety of large cases, from single wall to triple wall corrugated.

2-EZ XL Series Standard Features:

  • Large case capabilities up to 10 cases per minute
  • EZ Load Walk-In Gravity Case Magazine (2-EZ XL) or Powered Case Magazine with Motorized Magazine Elevation (2-EZ XL HS, -XXL)
  • Heavy-duty Welded Steel Construction with Epoxy “Steel It” Paint
  • 3M Accuglide Tapeheads
  • Allen-Bradley components
  • Dual Belt Driven (2-EZ XL and 2-EZ -XXL) or Servo Driven (2-EZ XL HS) Carriage Assembly
  • Self-Cleaning Vacuum System with Air Purge
  • Safety Back-Up Photo Eye with 20’ Cord and Mounting Bracket
  • Right Hand or Left-Hand Execution


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